Happy belated first day of summer! Now that we’re officially in summer mode, one of my favorite things to enjoy during this season are cherries. As a child, I used to tell my parents to buy me cherries every time they went to the grocery store, which was like every week. I love cherries! I wait half a year just to enjoy one month of cherry season (2 on a good year and if prices are reasonable)!

In California, cherry season starts around mid-May and ends mid-June so during those months I am at my happiest and probably my healthiest (more fruit, less cupcakes lol).

Here are some tips on picking the best cherries this season:

  • go for firm and plump
  • avoid blemishes! no one wants to eat an unpretty cherry
  • once cherries are picked, they do not ripen anymore so pick the darkest ones for the sweetest taste
  • these babies bruise easily so don’t overcrowd them during storage
  • refrigerate
  • no need to toss those slightly bruised or bright red cherries, they are perfect for jams, pies, and drinks
  • enjoy within 2-4 days!

I’ve been on a bit of a pinning spree on Pinterest, so of course I want to share some of my favorite pins with you!  Here are just some of my favorite recipes and ideas from across the www that I think would be perfect for cherry season this summer!

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Cherry Margaritas (recipe here):

cherry margaritas || seriously, why haven’t I heard of this before? amazing! || photo

Cherry Breakfast Crumble (recipe here):

cherry breakfast crumble || what a great way to enjoy cherries in the morning! || photo

Homemade Sour Cherry Jam (recipe here):

homemade sour cherry jam || if I have cherries left over, I’m so doing this! || photo

Toaster Pastries (recipe here):

toaster pastries || you can use any of your favorite fruits to make hand pies! || photo

Cherry Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips (recipe here):

cherry ice cream with chocolate chips || cherry ice cream is my favorite flavor! this is a must make! || photo

Hope you enjoyed my favorite finds! And if you don’t have a cherry pitter, you can DIY it! Check out this amazing homemade cherry pitter DIY I found (ps, it only involves a fork!).

Hope you’re having a wonderful!

xoxo, kat

10 thoughts on “SUMMER SEASON :: CHERRIES

    1. cherry ice cream is my favorite! i really want to make it, but my fridge is always cluttered with so much food! i hope i get a chance before cherry season ends!

  1. I also LOVE cherries!! I really want to make a cherry crisp this summer, I had one at this since-closed restaurant once that was cherry almond – so good! That breakfast crumble is the best idea ever!!!!!!!!!!!

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