My name is Kat. Twenties. Obsessed with all sweets and bacon. I live in LA, where there’s now one less hungry boyfriend out there. I love all things that sparkle and shine, and a really good joke. I am witty, awkward and outwardly candid, sometimes just plain weird.

That’s me.

cook/baker/girlfriend/occasional blogger

Why she cooks, he eats? Read here.

I just know I love to cook…


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  1. dammit..you had me at you love bacon, then I read that you’re a vegetarian….

    damn you…

    Oh beautiful food by the way…do you have a sister who loves bacon and who eats meat and who can cook yet she still looks hot? Just wondering….

    An admiring fan…


    1. Oh my goodness, I’m not really a vegetarian. It’s just a quote from one of my favorite shows…thought it was funny but I guess not :(

  2. ahhh…sweet….now I’ve just gotta get rid of the boyfriend….or wait….maybe you do have fabulous sisters or cousins…lol


  3. Hello kat :) Thanks for dropping by my blog. Not a blog expert but I think you’re doing things right :) will be dropping by again soon!

    Oh, I love bacon too! So happy I found a supplier who can give it at almost half-off – suhweeeeet!

  4. Hey Kat! Thanks for the comment on my blog! It seems like you know what you are doing already – and to be honest, I am very new to blogginh myself. If you don’t already have one – I suggest a twitter account to get your blof out there some more and connect with other bloggers!


  5. Hey Kat! I like the blog so far! I am a newbie too in the blogging world, so I appreciate you checking mine out as well. One suggestion I have is to set up a twitter account to promote your blog some more! Then put a link to your twitter on your blog as well. If you notice on the side bar on my side you can click a link to “follow” me on twitter – and a lot of other bloggers have it too! Hope that helps!


  6. Hi Kat! Thanks for stopping by my little just for me recipe blog. As you can see, I am crazy new to blogging too. I love your concept and voice. Since you asked for my thoughts….here they are:
    ~ GREAT recipes!
    ~ So – so photography. Your lighting needs work, as does the steadyness of your camera hand.
    ~ Jealous that you get your SO involved in your cooking. Mine just occasionally does the dishes.

    Keep up the great blogging. Looking forward to more!

    1. I should have added…I very rarely add my own photography to any of my posts. I am just not that good at it. I figure if a professional food stylist has taken a great picture of what I am cooking, I will happily link their picture to the recipe.

      Happy Cooking!

  7. Thank you for visiting http://www.kitchenkeepers.wordpress.com and being excited about today’s post on Bok Choy Salad! I have read some of your blog posts, scanned all of them, and, naturally, hit the subscribe button! You have a great way of energizing a discussion about food, and I love it! By the way, if you like bacon and cupcakes, you would love the cupcakes I made recently which were made with baking mix, maple syrup, and….of course, bacon! Decorated with bacon pieces, too. Recipe upon request!

  8. i love vegetarians.. more meat for me!
    but your kind of veggie…. mmhh.. fight for the last bacon!!!!

    girl, i enjoyed so much my bacon when i found it in the local Metro super store.. it was more than one years since last i had good one!

    i miss though the american-texas way of cooking of the wife of my previous boss, when i was in norway..

    i’ll follow and try maybe your recipes!!

    thx for sharing!

    1. Again, the American wife of my previous boss and another great friend (Italian woman this time) were experts in home made cupcakes!

      Nowadays, here in China, I appreciate Starbucks ones.. when I go to Hangzhou for example (no SB in Hefei where I live.. for now! ;-) )

      But I got a sweet tooth.. and a big belly..

      Besides eating and loving all the foods in general (reason I was never concerned when traveling to new or weird places) I enjoy desserts.. too much probably!

      My tiramisu’ used to be quite famous among my previous colleagues in Norway.. but my first attempt in China was.. limited.. but tonight I’ll try again!

      I have checked only a few posts-recipes.. but I have already added you to my blogroll and tonight I’ll post about you ;-)

      1. awww you are so sweet! I have always wanted to go to China! How is the Starbucks in China? The only time I’ve had it outside the US was in Europe and I remember how popular it was there!

  9. SB popular in Europe?
    You must have been in UK or Denmark or Sweden ;-)
    Norway and Italy, no SB from what I remember, except maybe very very few exceptions.
    South Europe, also, I do not remember many SB..

    In China depends a bit: in Hangzhou, where I go very often to practice Aikido, they got SB everywhere and since I am a very heavy coffee drinker, I enjoy there!
    Shanghai, Beijing.. there are SB, a few.. but maybe more difficult to find than in Hangzhou.
    I know they will open one in Hefei in the close future, together with a huge shopping mall and bars-restaurant place.. you know, typical Asian!
    I remember in Japan SB are also very popular, together with a local SB-kind of coffee place, very nice as well..
    in Japan in a SB I took a coffee based cold drink with azuki red bean jelly (I love sweet red bean!!).

    But still one of the best memory was a wonderful visit of a drive in SB in Houston, where I was for work with my previous boss (yeah, I used to work for oil industry!) and we had some coffee based drink maybe made for thanksgiving.. actually I do not remember.. it was not “only” cinnamon taste, but something else, very special.. ohhh… i think was pumpkin :)))

    1. I remember going to a few Starbucks in Germany, and they were always so packed! Mostly packed with tourists lol. I thought “wow, this is insane! it’s only Starbucks” haha.

  10. Just found your blog today (followed you over from mine – thanks for the nice comment on the fajitas). Love it. :-) Super cute title, and your entries are great. We’ll definitely be food buddies in the blogosphere! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! I just love those fajitas you made — I love your meatless options! Will definitely be incorporating them in my diet :) Can’t wait to be best foodie friends :)

  11. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and liking the post about cleaning cast iron skillets. I hope you will try some of the recipes and let me know how they turn out.

  12. One less hungry boyfriend.. I can totally relate!! Your blog looks fantastic, I can’t wait to try some of your recipes. I look forward to following you :)

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