To Rinse of Not to Rinse :: Chicken


Did you know that rinsing raw chicken increases your risk of getting food poisoning? I know I didn’t! And you may want to think twice before washing raw chicken in your kitchen sink!

Washing or rinsing raw chicken contaminates the sink and your surrounding work area. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always given my chicken a good rinsing in the sink because usually it comes packaged in its own chicken juices and blood so that’s yucky and I like to get rid of that since I never brine nor had a reason (or time) to brine my chicken. And at the end of every cooking session, I always give the counter tops a good cleaning, but when it comes to the sink… I am guilty of neglecting it. The only type of sink cleaning I do is just spraying the sink around with water from the faucet.

What do you guys?! Do you believe in rinsing your chicken or not? And if you don’t rinse, what kind of prep do you do??? Do you just dab with a few wet paper towels, dry, and then cook the meat?? I would love to hear some of your kitchen tips for chicken prep!

Hope you’re having a wonderful evening!

xoxo, kat


8 thoughts on “To Rinse of Not to Rinse :: Chicken

  1. I rinse. I’m aware of the potential risk but that is why it is so important to thorough cook chicken. As for the sink or hand basin, it should be cleaned just like other surfaces.

    I like to pour boiling water on a rinsed chicken because I think it helps with the crispy skin.

  2. I always rinse my chicken. And I scrub the sink and surrounding areas around it. There was a news report years ago about packaged chicken and that you can find things in the chicken package that you might not want to see. So, I always give it a good rinse. I will have to try Gary’s idea of the boiling water….thanks for the tip Gary!

  3. I too also rinse my chicken. Afterwards I always give my sink a good scrub. I have found that if you cook the chicken breast side down (if it isn’t for company because it won’t be all pretty like), it comes out oh so juicy.

  4. I don’t care what they say…I always rinse my chicken—i use paper towels for drying it so i can throw them away. I don’t use a dishcloth or sponge for wiping up–again I use more paper towels…bad bad…… I scrub the kitchen sink and areas with comet like there has been a nuclear disaster. I usually go through a bunch of paper towels i’m ashamed to say!!! I like the boiling water idea!!!!

  5. I have never rinsed chicken! probably because i never saw my mom do so, growing up. i can’t imagine trying to rinse a giant thanksgiving turkey in my tiny, shallow apartment kitchen sink! i just use paper towels to get the poultry really dry before cooking. interesting.

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