shhh i'm still sleeping... || photo

Good morning!! Hope you all had a fabulous week filled with lots of fun, laughter, happiness, giggles, memories that will last a lifetime and candy!

How was your Valentine’s Day?! We opted to celebrate out monthiversary and Valentine’s Day a few days late since we both had a super busy week! I spent my Valentine’s Day with the other man in my life, he bought me dinner and marzipan chocolates from Godiva, my dad :)

Here are some of my favorite moments from the week…

Favorite meal (recipe coming soon!):

baked salmon à la mon ami :)

Favorite bow:

when in doubt, put a bow on it :) meet my new kate spade bow ring! and I didn't even have to hint ;)

Favorite date night (DIY coming soon!):

making homemade noodles with our new pasta maker, sooo yum! :)

Favorite advert:


Favorite wake-me-up:

Since this has been such a busy week filled my many 3am late nights, and another busy week ahead of me, I’m going to be sleeping in today! And this weekend, will be spent in LA with my boyfriend and his family (party time!!) so I’m going to need that rest lol.

How was your week? And what are your plans for the weekend? I hear it’s going to be chilly and sunny in LA this weekend, so I cannot wait to enjoy the season!

Have a beautiful weekend!

xoxo, kat

2 thoughts on “sleep.

  1. HAVE A BLAST in LA! I am making a strawberry birthday cake for my sweetie pie, and planning a nice dinner if I don’t have too many Grey Gooseys and screw it up HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…it’s his fault ….he always wants to have just “1” more…of course it’s not my fault!!!
    I love that Foster the People Group – never heard of ’em so i’m always counting on you to post some hip new song to keep me updated.
    Travel safe! xoxoxox

  2. Busy week for me in my accounting job! Accounting for my actions mostly! The weekend has been lazy and have work to do today plus the much dreaded laundry! Hugs and have a great time!

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