Here’s another interesting tidbit, I am not a movie person! It’s probably because I fall asleep within the first half hour… I don’t know why, but I blame it on the bad movie theater popcorn, comfy chairs, dark and cold air-conditioned rooms. I think it makes a great napping environment, no? :)

Is anyone else just as excited to see Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked movie as I am? I had no idea there would be a third one (coming Christmas!). I’ve seen the last two, and I loved them! Have any of you guys seen them? What movies are you looking forward to seeing?

ps. I call dibs on the adorable Theodore :)

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6 thoughts on “ALVIN!!!

  1. hi!thanks for visiting my blog!:))))
    im also new here.. but it sure is a good blogging site for meeting new friend bloggers..:)) btw.. i love your posts about foods.. it makes me, nah! nevermind! lol i can’t im on a diet.. :)) you can always check my site for DIY projects.. :)) thanks again for visiting!:))))


    p.s. whats with friday? haha.. just curious..:))))))))

  2. So glad you could get a chance to come over and see my blog, I love your baked Parmesan spaghetti. I love to make pasta myself, and I will be posting that over at soon! I love your creative photos, and food always looks better with a white background! =)

  3. Oh, I’m definitely a movie person! Especially Christmas movies! Not so into TV shows, though…though Glee sucked me in for a while :P

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