dear friday, did you know that…


Hope everyone had a great week. I don’t know about you, but this week flew by really fast! It was a week packed with nothing but laughs and giggles! And oh, maybe just one tiny regret… Thank you everyone for visiting she cooks, he eats. I really enjoy meeting new people and I feel like we’ve become fast friends. I have a lot planned for next week, so please stay tuned!

Here’s a few of my favorites this week…

Favorite meal (recipe here and here):

steak tacos and OG salsa

Favorite treat:

tropical fruit punch popsicles || photo

Favorite kitchen gadget:

automatic donut maker || photo

Favorite DIY:

DIY chalkboard jar || photo

Favorite tip:


Favorite anthem:

Cheers to Friday and the weekend!

xoxo, kat
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17 thoughts on “dear friday, did you know that…

  1. I love the doughnut maker too. And those popsicles look yummy. Your blog looks great. Have fun with it and keep on sharing! I love how you call yourself a vegetarian but likes fish and steak. Hmmm… maybe you’re a veggie lover but not a vegetarian… what do you think? Anyway, thanks for visiting . Cheers!

  2. Oh my, I want the Donut Factory! I am in love with food right now. Of course it doesn’t help that I am pregnant! ;) Cute blog! I will keep on reading!

  3. Those foodies all look delicious. I think that doughnut maker would be a sweet machine to have. I like that chalkboard cookie jar. It’s a fun crafty idea.
    I enjoyed visiting your blog very much. Keep up the great work!

  4. Hey Kat,

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I guess it was the bacon vortex that got you there. Love your blog. Looks great and great pics. You can send over one of those donut makers any day!


  5. Yeah that donut factory is super sweet. I would totally sit at a table with it in front of me and eat donuts all day. Maybe it’s a good a thing I don’t have one!

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