i have a confession

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Take me away!! I am guilty! For a girl who just started her own foodie blog, I have committed the ultimate foodie crime. Here’s my dirty little confession, for the past two days I have been eating pizza. Yes, pizza. Pizza for lunch and dinner. Please note that breakfast was omitted from this confession because well, this girl doesn’t wake up until noonish. Being a self-proclaimed foodie-holic, this is terrible! So bad in so many ways. First, it’s unhealthy. Second, there are so many amazing recipes that I’ve saved and have been dying to try from all the amazing foodie bloggers out there.

Take the pizza away from me and sentence me to the kitchen. Are any of you guilty of committing this tragic food crime?

Here’s my list of this week’s yums:

Crispy Chicken Skewers with Homemade Barbecue Sauce (recipe here)

Cripsy Chicken Skewers with Homemade Barbecue Sauce || photo howsweeteats.com

Fontina, Spinach, and Bacon Shells and Cheese (recipe here)

Fontina, Spinach, and Bacon Shells and Cheese || photo goodlifeeats.com

Honey Butter Spread and Lemon Cake (recipe here)

Honey Butter Spread and Lemon Cake || photo pinchofyum.com

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28 thoughts on “i have a confession

  1. Hi Kat, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I’m somewhat new to this whole thing too, but yes, there is definately a huge online foodie community! Happy blogging!

  2. uffa!
    the first look on ur blog and i must say im already a fan!
    its terrific!
    u’v got some stunning and terrific recipes!
    wow! I’v subscribed to it!
    plz do spare some time time checking mine too!
    mu mouth’s watery!..ur recipes are delicious!!:)

  3. I’ve made the recipe for the fontina, spinach and bacon shells with cheese…soooooo good. It’s one of husband’s favorites. Cept I always use mozzarella with some monterrey jack cause it’s what I always have on hand. Thanks for stopping by my blog, looks like your new blog is already doing great! I look forward to your future posts :)

    1. Oh my gosh really? Do you have a post of it? I would love to see your version! Thank you for your wonderful sweet kinda words :)

  4. Hey Kat, it’s me! I absolutely love your blog! It’s so energetic and fun to read, don’t ever stop writing okay? :)

    I’ve committed tonnes of foodie crime lately because I’ve been sleeping in, plus it’s really heating up, wherever I’m living, so I don’t like to cook in the kitchen for now. I really should though I’m feeling so guilty for eating junk all week. :(

    1. Thank you for subscribing to my blog! And I can’t thank you enough for you wonderful sweet comment! I agree with, I love to sleep in! And on those hot days, cooking can be such a pain…especially when there’s a hot oven or stove involved. Thank you for taking the time to stop by :))

  5. The honey butter on lemon cake looks sooo good. Lemon cake is the only cake I like, so moist and delicious. I’ve gone through pizza phases too. There are some healthy pizza recipes and most importantly, its good for the soul ;)

  6. Thanks for reading my garlic posting at From Scratch Club. In case you are interested, we are doing a week or more of pizza postings starting in late July. Homemade pizza may not have the immediate gratification or the perfect foldability (can you tell I live in New York?) of store bought pizza, but it is cheap and you can feel virtuous eating it.

    1. I disagree! I love making my own pizza! Well better and I know what’s actually on it! I will definitely be back, thanks again :)

  7. Hey, nothing to be ashamed of! Pizza, take out or homemade, is pretty awesome! My sin is always for breakfast but I can have them anytime of day: McGriddles. I know, shoot me, take my culinary degree away and sentence me to a life of sugar pulling. But they’re so sweet/salty…pancakes and bacon and egg. Ok. I’ll stop. By the way, thanks for stopping by! Are you on twitter? Follow me @nella22 and tweet me!

  8. Pizza’s like a little vacation from the kitchen — perfectly acceptable. Love your blog. Foodie blogs are simply addictive for me. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. sometimes you just need pizza, ya know? plus, those coupons, it’s like you’re losing money if you DON’T order it ;) hahaha

    love the blog, and i don’t think you need any advice. if anything, i think i need advice from you! ^_^

  10. LOVE LOVE Pizza… But the best one is homemade! In our home we have pizza about 3 times a month. Sometimes more often. It depens how much dough I make :) After that I can put whatever I want on my pizza. Strawberries, bluberries, covered with chocolate chips… :) YUMM!!!

  11. I’ve done this so many times!! My tragic food ruts are usually potato based though as I haven’t found a vegan cheese I like…at all!! x

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