I guess I shouldn’t have eaten you, but you were so tempting

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I’m cuddling in bed with my laptop catching up on last weekend’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” and I feel like my throat is swelling up. And then I remember I have very strange food allergies! I guess eating that slice of watermelon wasn’t such a great idea after all… Not only did my throat swell up, but I know my lips will be swollen and itchy very soon…

Being how paranoid and obsessive compulsive I get, I googled my weird allergic reactions to fruit years ago and diagnosed myself with oral allergy food syndrome. My allergies only act up when I eat fruits like kiwi, mango, bananas, all those fruits that end with melon, and almonds. Don’t get me wrong, I can still drink a smoothie every now and then but my body just hates me when I’m eating it with my mouth. I know…where else would I eat it, right? Lol. Thank goodness I’m not allergic to all nuts because this girl loves her peanut butter! I call it food, comfort food to be exact! Oh, and I love almond butter! Sadly I can’t eat it or else…well I’ll spare you the details!

Are any of you guys allergic to fruit or nuts? Or have any strange food allergies? Do share! And if you are unsure, I can google a diagnosis for you :)

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29 thoughts on “I guess I shouldn’t have eaten you, but you were so tempting

  1. Hi Kat! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m rather new to the blogging world with wordpress as well. I do find it really tricky…but probably just need to spend a good chunk of time figuring it out! So maybe we can help each other along the way! :-) I have a lot of fun with it! I look forward to reading more of your posts!
    Good luck to you and happy blogging!

  2. Hi, I appreciate your comment on my blog.
    I am “allergic” to walnuts. If I eat them raw my tongue and lips gets tingly and my throat gets itchy. I’ve been told it has to do with a sensitivity to the high tannin level in walnuts rather than an actual allergy, which is good because I too love peanuts and all other tree nuts. I’m also legitimately, incredibly allergic to clams (& muscles and such) but I don’t like their taste AND I’m a baby vegetarian so I don’t really need to worry about those.
    I like the blog, have fun with it and I’ll keep checking in!

  3. I’m so glad I’m not allergic to any fruits, especially watermelon, it’s my saviour at this tme of year! I do remember once when I was little that my whole face puffed up like a balloon after eating a punnet of strawberries, but it never happened again!

  4. Hi Kat, I am allergic to bananas,kiwi and green pepper.Well these three are with the worst symptoms. I’ve got such an oral allergy for pear and some sorts of apples – not all though (also depending where they are coming from), and beeries its not the fruit itself it is more the pesticides that they use and also after washing it is still there. Why I know? Because I started to grow my own berries in my garden and tell you what I can eat them just fine. When I was younger I absolutely loved bananas now I am nearly dying from them. Sometimes its frustrating but most of the times I am not even thinking about it – I just quit eating the things that made me sick.
    cheers Nina

  5. Fun post….who knew there was “oral allergy food syndrome?!” Nope I have no food allergies……A blessing I guess, but if I was allergic to things like fettucinni, butter, cheesecake, etc….. that would help my weight loss!!!

  6. HI Kat, Thanks for saying hi at my blog too. My Dad has a weird food allergy too. As he has gotten older he can no longer eat fresh cherries. Cooked ones are fine – but fresh ones make his mouth swell up. I have never heard of this before – have you?

    1. Oh, that’s my problem to! Fresh fruit kills me, but cooked fruit I’m fine! Cooked fruit doesn’t taste as good as fresh uncooked fruit lol. If you google oral allergy syndrome it should give you a list of symptoms and causes. Hopefully that helps! :)

  7. Hi Kat,

    Just wanted to say thanks again for stopping by my blog!

    And nope, I actually don’t have food allergies, thank goodness. Are you allergic to just the raw variety of those fruits? There is a blogger who has to microwave her fruit before she can eat it.

    Take care!


  8. Oh, Kat, that is so cute! I google myself a diagnosis every now and then too.
    However this is a weird allergy indeed… Must be a bummer.
    I personally am not supposed to eat grapes, strawberries, and many berries which have similar small seeds. Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t – it just means every strawberry season I get around 3 *well rounded* stomach aches before I stop eating them :P

  9. Hi Kat, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment, I have now subscribed to your blog, love your pictures. and recipes, it takes some time to get the hang of what your readers like and basically you do what you like, as time goes by you will see which posts get the most views on the dashboard and go from there. For me, it is amazing, the recipes get the most, but so do the chair caning and basket weaving post too. If you have not yet, you need to hop over to http://www.foodpress.com you will go crazy.

  10. Man! I would HATE to be allergic to watermelon! I feel your pain (only figuratively)! Love the personality in your posts…and your fantastic pictures! Congrats on getting started, and thanks for checking out my blog too! Let me know if you ever have any questions!

  11. I’m allergic to coconut, shellfish, and cashews. I actually don’t really like coconut or cashews, but I LOVE scallops, which cause some MAJOR problems. The last time I had some, I ended up in the hospital, my allergic reaction was THAT strong. I’ve learned to be more careful and ask about foods I’m not sure about. You get rude looks from the waitstaff, but my health is more important than their time, and if I can’t find information online or at the table, I’m going to ask.

  12. I pretend I’m allergic to mangoes as they really freak me out. It’s like a phobia. Very strange, I know! I get really nervous and uncomfortable when they’re around and have to leave the room if someone cuts them or touches them in front of me.
    I’ve had reactions to tomatoes and tomato based sauces about 3 times in my life but mostly I can eat them. Kiwis give me a scratchy mouth but I think that happens to everyone? :-)

  13. I never thought that I have food allergy. But whenever I ate cold cantaloupes, sometimes I wold get swollen throat after that. Then I felt like I was coming up with cough. But it has to be cold cantaloupes. I don’t think i have the same effect when I ate other kind of melons.

  14. I love fruits! All of them! The only problem is kiwi…it gives me severe stomach pain for a few hours where I just want to die or go to the ER. Actually eating it makes my mouth burn, and touching it makes me itch…but it took me years to give it up!

  15. I’m fortunate in that I don’t seem to have ANY food allergies. However, even with such severe fruit allergies as yours, be glad there is still plenty of fruit you CAN eat. I don’t think I could cope with not being able to eat fruit – I love fruit of pretty much any kind!

  16. Hi Kat- thanks for visiting my blog! I have food allergies too and what I do is take a benedryl right before eating and then go to sleep after I eat. haha not the best way but it’s worked for me.

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