how I make fried rice…

Because labeling this a “recipe” just sounds absurd. I grew up on this stuff, my dad always made the best fried rice.

I feel extremely embarrass to admit that it has taken me 20-something years to finally make it…and even more embarrassed that I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on fried rice.

From my countless hours of watching YouTube videos, I found that there are two methods to making fried rice. The first being that the eggs are cooked first, then mixed into the rice. The second technique is incorporating the eggs into the rice during the cooking process. I proceeded with the latter.

The key to making really good fried rice is old rice. I’m not evening going to say “day-old” because honestly, older the better.


I like veggie fried rice. And to make life simpler, I buy the Mirepoix mix from Trader Joe’s. It’s a pre-chopped veggie mix great for soups, stews, and yes, fried rice!!

And in a separate bowl, give the eggs a quick scramble! The amount of eggs is really up to your liking. Here, I used 2 eggs for 1 cup of rice. I would say that is a good ratio :)


And for flavor, just soy sauce, salt, and pepper. If you want, you can omit the salt and pepper and let the soy sauce do it’s job!


Break out the wok if you have one! Sadly, I don’t have one….ahem mister :)

Pour a couple tablespoons of oil on the pan and cook the veggies for a few minutes…


Add in the rice. Let it cook and swoosh it around for a bit to warm it up. Then create a little well for your eggs…


Pour in the eggs!


As soon as the eggs are added in, keep moving everything around. You’ll know the eggs are cooked when you see harden egg flakes.


Then proceed to pour in the soy! Drizzle to your heart’s desire!


Don’t forget to swoosh! You want every piece of rice coated, no white spots! Now is the time to toss in the green scallions! Be sure to save some for garnish!


…..annnnnnddd plate! Don’t forget that scallion garnish!


And that’s how I make my fried rice :)




xoxo, kat

5 thoughts on “how I make fried rice…

  1. Lovely! I make mine in stages. I first stir fry the carrots and peas, set aside. Then I stir fry the BBQ pork (gotta have this in fried rice!) and set aside. Then I stir fry the eggs and set aside. Then I stir fry the rice and add everything back in and drizzle on the soy sauce. Now I am hungry! :)

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