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I make dinner once a week and call it date night, he just doesn’t know it…I like to think that we’re still lost in the dating phase :)


How do you foodie-aholics do it?! I’ve been cooking for more than half a year now, and I feel like I’m already running out of ideas. Everyday I’m faced with the dilemma of what to make for DIY date night. I’ve cooked and made everything ranging from pastas, pizzas, salmon, chicken, salads (even made my own dressings) to desserts like apple crumble, cookies, cupcakes, and my beloved brookies.

Along the way, there may have been a disaster or two…like my failed attempt at cooking a lobster and garlic bread. You’re probably wondering, how did she mess up garlic bread? I swear, it wasn’t me!! It was the bread’s fault, it was hard (that means it’s stale, right?) and extremely difficult to saw into too. I guess I blame myself too…now I know it’s soften butter (not melted butter) that you spread on the loaf of bread to make garlic bread. Trial and error, and major brain diarrhea on my part. As for the poor lobster, I was just too ahead of myself that time and got overwhelm. I just wanted to impress him, but failed! He ended up cooking the thing…(sigh) the memories.


Help me!! I’m all out of ideas! Seriously, how do you guys do it?! I admire you all.

xo, kat

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20 thoughts on “feed me.

  1. Out of desperation comes creativity. For me, creativity comes from trying to whip together a healthy meal based on whatever scraps of food I have hanging around my fridge and cupboards. Additionally, I like to think in terms of flavor profiles. For example, I’ll take a look at the spices/sauces/other assorted flavoring agents I have and then I’ll determine if I have enough to make a certain type of dish, be it Tex Mex or Italian or Indian or Thai.

  2. Sometimes you can cook the same thing and change the setting … eating on a blanket stretched out in the living room, candles, cloth napkins, a single flower at each place setting, special music, a picnic outside, or packing it all up and heading to the park … it’s the little things. Our 23rd anniversary is Monday night, we’ve tried just about everything to keep it interesting :D
    Of course you could make fajitas wearing a sombrero … only a sombrero ;) (it probably won’t even matter if the fajitas turn out)

    1. awww 23 years! happy anniversary to you! how do you keep it fun and interesting? would love to do a picnic in the park but there’s a mini heatwave this week :(. thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  3. LOL omg, story of my life lady! I have a very picky boyfriend that grows tired of meals that I have finally mastered. My first attempt to cook him dinner was Prime Rib…yea…you can guess how well I did that. It went from the oven to the trash shute pretty quick :(

    Lately I’ve relied on my iphone (all recipes app) It will give me a million variations of “garlic chicken” or “mushroom XXX”.I wish I could be of more help!

    1. Thanks for sharing! Awww, the things us girls do to impress our boyfriends!
      Every time I ask him what do you want for dinner, he goes “you decide”…it makes me very frustrated lol. And when he does pick, he chooses the strangest things (like one of those Thanksgiving hams!).
      I read all these foodie blogs everyday, and I still can’t make up my mind lol! What are your plans for dinner tonight? :)

  4. A special meal you cook for him doesn’t have to be fancy, just something he really likes. Tasty! Suggestions? hmmm…Plain old spaghetti bolognese with focaccia bread you made with your own little hands. Or grill steak rubbed with brown sugar and spices and soaked in a bit of bourbon. Bread and salad on the side. Pasta salads have infinite variety…little ear pasta (orechiette) or farfalle (bowties) with some chopped red peppers and kalamata olives and a few shrimp from the freezer. Maybe you have tried all that. Bottom line…a bowl of steaming homemade soup and hot bread can’t be beat. Our favorites? Curry Apple and Chicken, German Lentil, a Mexican stew made with chopped chicken breasts, corn, beans, etc. Even cold soups like gazpacho, green pea with mint and yogurt.

  5. more than the garlic bread (no idea how to do it properly, but i can do the italian bruschetta.. i ownder if your american version is different!) i was wondering how can you mess up cooking lobster!!!!
    boil water in a big big pot, when it boils, put the alive lobster inside..
    take out and eat..
    still great memories from a norwegian lobster dinner with friends!
    we even named the lobster, during the afternoon watching football!

  6. I think about what I would like to order if I were sitting down at a restaurant right that minute, then I make that. Or something like it.

  7. I stalk foodie websites, especially Tastespotting.com for new ideas, as well as just use my imagination with what’s in season. That, and AllRecipes.com is my friend.

    Ooh, alternatives like 10 types of mini pizzas are fun, too. I have yet to make the manfriend the same pizza twice.

    1. I love Tastespotting too! I’ve spent so many ours drooling over every single food pic. The mini pizza idea sounds amazing, will definitely have to try soon! Any suggestions or fave pizzas of yours that I can make? Thanks for all your tips! :)

  8. It’s definitely hard to keep things fresh in the kitchen, my mother has been cooking for my dad for 35 years – she’s spent the last 10 saying “what the hell am I gonna cook n o w?”

    Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose…and sometimes you just gotta pop a can of chef Boyardee ravioli open. At least once or twice a week try a easy to prepare meal that involves something pre-cooked. The thing to remember is as long as it tastes good – it doesn’t matter what cooking short cuts got you there. Check out the prepared food case at trader joes, they’ve got a great cajun chicken pasta and lasagna that cooks in minutes, pair it with some frozen veggies or bread and call it a meal. Hit the frozen food section at the grocery store, and the boxed dinner aisle too – there are some great quick Asian meals out there. The other thing is, make extra for left overs. Some people hate this concept – but if something is really good, you’ll eat it twice in one week. We cooked some Chinese (Simply Asia meal kit) last Friday – added extra veggies & noodles to make enough for 2 nights – then ate it again last night. Most things keep about 7 days, grilled/smoked foods a little longer. Hope this helps,

  9. I hunt for cookbooks to get ideas – I tend to look for Really Famous Cookbooks, ones that are supposed to make up the keystones of an American’s cookbook collection (like the Joy of Cooking, The Silver Palate, or the New York Times cookbook by Craig Claiborne). But I also hunt up the key cookbooks of other cuisines.

    I really liked Nancie McDermott’s “Real Thai”, which is a cookbook of Thailand by region.


    And Rick Bayless is essential for Mexican food.

    But really, for me, I read cookbooks to learn techniques, not recipes. Here’s a silly example: I learned how to make a swan out of an apple from reading Jacques Pepin’s “La Technique”. Now that I know that, there’s no reason I can’t make a hard pear or even a potato into a swan using the same method. It’s the same with anything else. Once you know how to make a white sauce for macaroni and cheese (which you do), you can be like “okay, what else can I add to bechamel sauces?” and, taking from your stock of cultural-ethnic food knowledge, you can be like “Whoa, what if I add wine and fennel and oregano and turn it into an italian sausage-flavored macaroni?”

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