Friday Faves|| Mama D’s @ Manhattan Beach, CA

IMG_5865Yes, Mama D’s Italian Kitchen!!! Fun fact, Mama D’s is Yelp’s top rated Italian restaurant! There are two locations; their original one is in Newport Beach and their second one is in Manhattan Beach. Since we frequent MB quite often, this is our go-to choice for Mama D’s!

We hardly ever venture out to Italian places because welp, why go out when you can just make it at home? But when we do, it’s Mama D’s!! Actually, Mama D’s is our favorite Italian restaurant in all of LA!

The staff at Mama D’s treats every guest like they are a part of the Mama D family. And it doesn’t hurt that they are constantly giving complimentary items to try.

As soon as you are seated to your table, they bring out a warm bread basket and a plate of their yummy garlic bread oil dip. The mister loves to slather it on!

IMG_5664Every dish on the menu looks yummy!!



IMG_3599I highly recommend getting the pink sauce for your first Mama D’s experience. I can’t explain it…it’s so yummy and good!!

Bow tie pasta with their signature pink sauce, yum!

IMG_3607The lasagna is also another favorite of mine! It comes out bubbling!!

IMG_5665The mister’s fave is the vegetarian pizza!

IMG_3605And at the end of the meal, they give you fresh baked cookies! Score :)

IMG_3609Shout out to Sean for the complimentary app for our next visit! I am anxiously awaiting for my next trip to Mama D’s!

IMG_5668What’s your favorite Italian place?

Happy Friday!

xoxo, kat



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