weekend || l.a. fair, ramen burger, ll cool j, and the flu

I can’t believe fair season is officially over! Since this was the last weekend of the L.A. County Fair, we had to go and enjoy one last bit of summer. I also got the chance to meet the mister’s old college buddies. It’s crazy how fast we grow up and how life changes and priorities shift. I met him in grad school and fast forward 5.5 years later….I can say that I have grown up a lot and the things that once mattered seem trivial now. Le sigh, c’est la vie.

This year, the L.A. Fair has lots more to offer. There was a little mini zoo, where I met my first camel…


and got the chance to indulge in the original ramen burger! I have no plans on hying this baby up, but it was deeeelicious! A wee bit tiny and overpriced, but a def must-try!



My favorite part of the fair was getting the chance to play lumberjack! A new addition to the fair this year was Wilderness Ridge. It’s like a little campground destination. We got the chance to saw a tree trunk using a two-person saw! It was a lot harder than I thought but we did it! And got a nice little souvenir :)


We also got concert tickets for the Salt ‘N Pepper and LL Cool J concert!


What a great throwback to the ’80s! Salt ‘N Pepper were great!


And all the ladies in the crowd went crazy for LL!


Despite walking around like a zombie with the flu (fever, chills, sneezes, and yep the achy bones!), I still had a blast at the fair!

Today, the mister made me chicken and rice veggie soup and we stayed in and watched the fourth season of The Walking Dead on Netflix! I can’t stop watching! I’m on episode 5 now!!! And now I’m scared for whats to come at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios!


Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, kat

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