I am a bit sad to admit that I have not been cooking as much, which largely had to do with our busy school/work schedules….

So what’s a girl to do?! Have the mister cook! Just kidding, no really…he’s been cooking more than I have been in the last few months. I. Am. Jealous!

On the days that I do cook, I have been borrowing a page from Sandra Lee’s book and going the semi-homemade route. It gets the job done and taste just as good.

Here are just some of the goodies I’ve been filling my belly with:

Yep, you all know how much I love me my frozen yogurt. I have been loving Yougurtland lately and am pretty obsessed with the little tiny juicy balls.


He makes the best spaghetti with turkey meat sauce!


I actually made this for us last weekend! We took a trip to the Asian market (home), and I went a little bit crazy and stocked up on a variety of Asian noodles and DUMPLINGS! Eating dumplings always reminds me of the time when I was a little girl and my mom and I would be wontons and dumplings together :)

(Pssst. I sneaked in a few boxes of Pandee cookies in our basket :)


I made udon, dumplings, and whipped up a quick dipping sauce for the dumplings. For the dipping sauce, just mix soy sauce with some grated ginger, chopped green scallions, a couple droplets of sesame oil and chili oil, and a healthy sprinkle of red pepper flakes.


I am probably the only girl lucky enough to eat ribs and rice for dinner before school!!! That’s what happens when you let the mister take over the kitchen! Ribs, ribs, ribs!!



When we go to visit his parents, I also tell him we have to stop at Porto’s!


Family bbqs! I made a Cali dog using fresh avocados from his parents’ avocado tree.

photo 1

We’ve also been able to spare a few hours on a weekend to enjoy some date night time :)


For breakfast this Thursday, we made bfast tacos together! He made the turkey and potatoes and I made the corn tortillas from scratch using masa flour! Hmmm we ate so many tacos that day!

photoTo makes things less stressful for me, he has been making me my work lunches. I may be just a tad (okay, very!) bias, but he makes the best sammys! And every once in awhile, I eat my alpha nuggets!

Look mom, I can spell!


It feels so good having the time to write again. I feel so blessed and lucky that I having the time to just relaxing and doing nothing while I get to watch the mister make me a mojito…


And watch his family make guacamole! The best guac ever!



And lastly, I got to watch the mister make his favorite ribs for his family to enjoy!


I’m very lucky to be blessed with such wonderful people in life. And to my best friend and the love my life, thank you for feeding me and keeping me sane during the last 5 months of this crazy journey. I love  you.

xoxo, kat



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