Weekend || Birthday + Anniversary

What an amazing birthday/anniversary week!

We kicked it off last weekend with an excursion to Downtown LA for some food, fun, and shopping.

One of my favorite areas is Little Tokyo. I love all the little trinket shops, bakeries, and markets.



I picked up some items that have been on my wish list but were always hard to find, Skin67 BB cream and velcro hair bows!


There’s never a dull moment in Little Tokyo :)


Every year I tell the mister that it is an Asian tradition to celebrate with noods, and every year he falls for it hehe.

We waited in line for about 30-40 minutes to try the famous Daikokuya for some yummy ramen! It was definitely so worth the wait!



And before we left, I found the perfect anniversary present to gift to the mister!


This week was finals week!! I am happy to say that I successfully completed my first accounting class!

With finals completed, my birthday weekend, and our 5 year anniversary weekend, celebrating and relaxing was our only agenda.

We spent this weekend at our favorite place, Manhattan Beach.


All we did was soak up the sun, eat, drink, giggle, and have fun!


And for my birthday dinner, he took me to Mama D’s!!!! It is the most top-rated Italian restaurant on Yelp and has been in my must-eat list for awhile.


This place is amazing!! The food is so good!!


And on Saturday, we roamed the streets of Pasadena and stumbled upon this beautiful church!


We did some shopping and picked up some macaroons for my dad for Father’s Day.


We went to Slater’s 50/50 for some hammys! This place is actually on my bucket list lol. Their hamburgers are insane and this place is a bacon lover’s paradise!

And to end our foodie adventure, we had a bacon brownie :)


That was my birthday and anniversary weekend! And to the mister, thank you for an amazing time. Cheers to the many more years to come!



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