40 minute meals….

Because 30 minute meals or less is just plain impossible for me….all that pressure, I’m sorry Rachel Ray!

Two days out of the week, I have night classes after work. Two days out of the week, I cook for the mister and I. I have been making meals that are light, fresh, easy, no fuss, and under 40 minutes.

Here’s what I’ve been making:

Pita bread pizzas – My favorite quickie! Very easy and there are just so many variations.


Quesadillas – Who doesn’t love a good quesadilla? This was a chicken quesadilla with a mango salsa.


Spaghetti and homemade meatballs in under 40 minutes?! Totally possible!


Pesto pasta with chicken – I love stocking up on pesto whenever we go to Trader Joe’s! The pesto sauce can also be used on pita bread to make pita pizzas.


Spicy sesame noodles – One of my favorites from Pioneer Woman! I love pairing this with oven roasted veggies.


Salads with a simple vinaigrette and homemade croutons – A great way to revive day old bread is to turn them into croutons! My favorite vinaigrettes at the moment are balsamic and lemon Dijon.


I even like to throw in some chicken in my salads!


And lots more pita bread pizzas


What are some of your favorite 40 minute or less recipes?

xoxo, kat


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