Weekend || Kentucky Derby, Pineapple Pie, Potato Balls

Hmmm where do I even begin?!

This was such a wonderful weekend filled with so much love, excitement, and happiness.

On Saturday, we went to the Santa Anita Race Tracks to watch the Kentucky Derby and enjoy food trucks and live music. The last time we went there was for the Santa Anita Derby. I picked the winning horse, California Chrome, and the Santa Anita Derby. When I found out that he would be racing at the Kentucky Derby, I knew I had to place bet. I just have a feeling about that horse!

Well guess what guys?! He won the Kentucky Derby!!!! I had no doubts! I put my money on him for the win. It was so exciting watching him race. I would love to go to the Kentucky Derby one day! I’m sending all my positive vibes to California Chrome! I hope he wins the Triple Crown. PS, I am naming our first dog California Chrome after my beloved colt.


We also enjoyed some lobster rolls from Cousins Maine Lobster (of Shark Tank fame). This was the Maine Lobster Roll. It is served cold with mayo. Not exactly my favorite but was good nonetheless. Next time, I will get the Connecticut Lobster Roll. That’s serve warm with lemon butter. Mmmmmm.


We also had nachos from the nacho truck! Very good!!


We had such a blast! That night I premade a pie because we ended up going out to dinner. I love that! Unplanned. No worries. Just living and enjoying life how we want to :)

We ended up having dinner at my favorite BBQ place, Wood Ranch. It’s a little ironical, but I don’t really order meat or BBQ there. I always order the chopped BBQ salad with tri-tip. It is just so yummy!!


And Sunday was a baking and family day!

I spent the morning baking a pineapple pie for his dad – it’s his favorite kind of pie and the last time he ate it was years ago! I found a recipe from the 1950s on Pinterest. It was very easy and quick to make, and surprisingly very good! His dad loved, his mom loved it, and he loved it. It was a major success :)


We had a very yummy late breakfast made by his mom. Yes, that’s bacon! I haven’t had bacon in months!!!


We are on a fitness kick! This week I worked out 5 days (with 3 straight days in a row!) and he works out almost everyday of the week. With that said, we have also been eating healthy (lots if soups this week) and only “treat ourselves” on the weekends.

This weekend’s indulgence, my chocolate chip cookies! I use to bake these cookies for us all the time! I forgot how good they were!


I have a bag full of cookies to bring to work :)


Before heading home, we made one last stop to Porto’s for potato balls! Every time we visit his parents, we always try to stop by Porto’s for some potato balls and treats.


This time, I picked up a few extra potato balls for my dad. He loved them!


Their guava smoothie is my favorite drink!


We ended the night with a gym date :)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, kat


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