Where do I even begin…

It has been months since I last written anything…my last recipe post was way back in February (Srirachi + honey glazed chicken thighs).

What have I been up to? A lot. I am back in school!! I never thought I would ever go back, never. Once I graduated from my masters program, I always told myself that was it. But when the opportunity presented itself, I thought about it long and hard and I am glad I decided to go back. I started school near the end of February and go to classes twice a week at night after work. I’m working towards an accounting degree…something my dad has always wanted me to pursue. Let’s just say, that he’s happy :)

With school and work, the days just fly by (some fly slower than others lol) and before I realized it, we are entering May. Where has the time gone?! I have about less than 6 weeks of school left before my first semester comes to an end, then a few days after it will be my birthday and our big special 5 year anniversary.

I’m looking forward to summer days at the beach, museum trips, hopefully some Dodger games, and our end of summer concert (we’re going to the Eminem and Rihanna concert!!) at the Rose Bowl in August.

Until then, here are some pics of our fun food adventures and unplanned misadventures I want to share with you…

I went on my first trip to Big Bear! It was so much fun! And a few weeks after my first, I actually ended back at Big Bear for work. This time, I was able to pick up fudge at the the North Pole Shoppe for my family and co-workers.



I also went to Lake Arrowhead! It is so beautiful and breathtaking.


I’m in love with the mountains! I would love to go back there in the summer time.

We’ve also been making lots of beach trips! Our beach of choice, Manhattan Beach. It is perfect there!




The sunsets there always take my breath away….



I love walking along the Strand and trying out all the restaurants out there! Next up on my list is Mama D’s!! It is a strong contender for my birthday dinner :)

My favorite ice creamery is Manhattan Beach Creamery. It is the only place I know that sells cupcakes, macaroons, candy, and macaroon ice cream!




I got the chance to go to my first USC football event at the LA Coliseum. It was such an awesome opportunity! We got to walk on the infield, take photos, had a behind the scenes tour and got to see the locker rooms, and watched a practice game.



Bacon wrapped hot dogs!!!


I’ve never been the hugest fan of sports but watching them in person is a whole different experience! I love them!! Hockey is one of those sports!


We even got to spend a day at the Santa Anita Race Track for a Derby Day! There was a 5K event that happened earlier in the day and there were food trucks.




My friend from work, he recommended the Fluff Ice Truck. He knows all the good food trucks!


And at the Derby, I picked the winning horse!! I hope he wins the Kentucky Derby :)


On the weekends, we have been going out, taking walks, trying new places, and just enjoying our time together. One of my favorite museums near us is the Norton Simon Museum. This is one is my favorite ballerina sculpture from Edgar Degas.


I have been kicking school butt and treated myself too a brand new baby during one of the many Friends & Family Sales that were happening. My favorite was the Shopbop Friends & Family Sale…meet Becky, she is my new Rebecca Minkoff bag. I’m love with the color and soft leather. For work I use Longchamps, but for the weekends I have been trying to downsize. This bag provides more organization and space than my Cambridge Satchels.


Somewhere in between all the fun and weekend outings, I got hit hard with a terrible stomach virus. I’m still recovering from the tummy flu and taking it easy. So I was very pleased we had a nice relaxing Easter :)


We brought Porto’s over for his family to enjoy. My favorite are their potato balls and guava strudel. For Lent, I gave up cupcakes and cookies. Did I make it! Well, the cookies is debatable and the cupcakes, yes!! My belly was deprived of cupcakes for 40 days and 39 nights!



And this weekend, we squeezed in some beach time and a very yummy sushi date!


Oh, and bottomless guava mimosas and watermelon mimosas!



I’m looking forward to continue blogging and sharing bits and pieces of my life with you.

Wishing you all the best!

xoxo, kat


3 thoughts on “Where do I even begin…

  1. Accounting is a good field Kat. This has been my career for the last 35 years. My mother told me oh so many years ago, “In a recession people will always need accountants.” She was right!

    Hugs to you my dear and nice to see another Kat post! ^..^ B

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