Surprise!!! What We Did for Valentine’s

Surprise!! The mister and I celebrated Valentine’s Day early! A whole week earlier! Actually, I think he had it all planned out, and I just kept shouting “Surprise! Happy early Valentine’s Day!” at every perfect moment :)

We started off the day doing our usual: morning snuggles, me glued to my iPad pinning every cute picture of a dachshund puppy I can find, and him skimming his morning paper/reading his computer programming books (I love my hunky nerd!).

We were doing errands and he surprised me by taking me to our local Sunday farmer’s market in Claremont so I can pick out my favorite tulips :)

I must be growing up because instead of picking out tulips, I asked for an herb plant. We settled on a beautiful rosemary plant. I love it! It’s so fragrant and just perfect!! It was the most present ever!

Our rosemary plant is that big tall one on the left :)


We stumbled upon a nearby cheese store and went to Trader Joe’s to pick out an assortment of cheeses, meats, bread, and of course, wine!

All that cheese!!


Our yummy cheese/meat plate! My favorites were the gruyere and Brie…


And we spent the night cooking dinner together. Meats are his thing, so handled that. And I tried a new pasta recipe and roasted some asparagus in the oven.

We’re already using the rosemary!



Rosemary pork chops….


My garlic infused pasta…


and the oven roasted asparagus!


The final plate :)


Aside from staying in and cooking, we also got the chance to take a stroll outside, shop, and eat at Toby Keith’s!!

One of my favorite finds at Urban Outfitters! I want this teapot!!


For a late lunch, we went to Toby Keith’s! There is just something about this place that keeps me wanting to come back…

Maybe it’s the deep fried pickles! I love me my pickles!!


But this last trip…I lost faith in Toby Keith…

Our mahi mahi was served with a side of rice…in a bag…. Sigh, another place that serves microwaved food. I was crushed :(


But the ribs were good! Good not best though….


And lots of mustard for my fries :)


And lastly, I expanded my soup repertoire! I made a corn and potato chowder!



Soup in bed was the perfect way to end our Valentine’s weekend!

Wishing you a wonderful three day weekend!

xoxo, kat


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