Weekend || Ramen, Date Night In, Summer Concerts

I know, I know, I know, it’s only Tuesday…but I’m already planning and patiently waiting for the weekend. It came and went by too quickly.

I am the world’s biggest klutz and took a tumble, fell on my knee and scraped it. I wailed and kicked and screamed like a baby when my boyfriend tried cleaning the wound :(

He took me out for noodles at our favorite ramen house! I love that we found a spot closer to us and don’t have to drive out to Little Tokyo for noods!

Every time we come here, I always try something new. This time I tried the shin shin ramen (spicy seafood ramen). I had an epic ramen fail and couldn’t finish my bowl! I’m usually the first to finish!!!


And I always get a Calpico! I grew up drinking this stuff and love it as much as I did when I was a kid. Oh, and of course a beer! Ice cold beer and a bowl of hot noodles, perfection! The mister is convinced that the Frost flavor Gatorade tastes like Calpico…we bought Gatorade later that day and I don’t think it taste like it at all!


He had the miso ramen :)


And for an app, we got the deep fried squid legs. So good!!!


The rest of the day was reserved for napping on him and him trapped from me napping on him :)

Just like last weekend, we spent Sunday indoors and only ventured out to pick up groceries and search for stray puppies (hehe, I have puppy fever!)

It started with a late bfast…


Omelettes, bacon, and his special potatoes (the best and my favorite!)


For dinner, we roasted some chicken leg quarters in a Sriracha + honey glaze and paired it with a garlic and ginger infused rice.


We ate and watched the worse movie ever made…. If you have an hour and a half to spare, check out “Sharknado” on Netflix. Apparently, this movie has a cult following…. It is just horrible….terrible effects, D-list actors, predictable, and full of “what where they thinking” moments. It was worth the laugh though!

I know this is months and months away, but I am sooooooo looking forward to the One Republic & The Script concert at the Hollywood Bowl in June! It’ll be the weekend before my birthday!!! The last time we went to the Hollywood Bowl was also around that time, and I love the feeling of outdoor summer concert nights! Counting Stars has been on repeat for weeks now!

Just a couple more days till the weekend!

xoxo, kat


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