Weekend Bites

Happy New Year! I still can’t believe we’re in 2014! Honestly, where has the time gone?

Sigh, another full work week before we get to start the weekend again. This weekend was perfect. It was our monthiversary weekend!!! We spent it indulging with eating great food, relaxing, mid-day napping, and just plain lounging :)

To kick off our monthiversary weekend, we had a late breakfast at his favorite diner. BLTs are my recent favorite cravings! And of course, steak and eggs for the mister!


We also got a chance to relax and have fun at a party later that night. There was a taco man manning the party. My belly was happy :)


I’ve been hearing a lot about chia seeds lately and I finally got the chance to pick up a bag from Trader Joe’s. I made us almond chia seed pudding for breakfast. It was quite yummy, especially with fresh fruit.


Then came the napping, lol. We ended the weekend with date night at PF Chang’s. Their wonton soup was perfect for helping with my nagging cough. And I also got inspired to make my own wontons and dumplings for my mister to enjoy.


Mmmmm egg rolls!


And for the main course, he picked beef + broccoli and I picked the dan dan noodles. Beef + broccoli, good. Dan Dan noodles, not as good as their garlic noodles.



And for dessert, a big slice on cheesecake!


It was a perfect evening and a great monthiversary! The 12th of the month will always be my favorite day of the month, it’s even more perfect when it’s on the weekend!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with love, happiness, and great food.

xoxo, kat


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