Insta-Life Lately

Hello everyone!

Can you believe it’s only a few more days until the start if a new year?! Wow, where has the time gone!

Sigh, as I get older I’ve realized that time goes by quickly and there’s never really a way to pause time and just take a moment to enjoy it before it’s over. I guess you can say that’s why I am obsessed with taking pictures of everything…everywhere we go (and collecting keychains along the way), our precious one-on-one time dinner dates (even if it’s the same plate of sushi, I’ll still snap a quick pic of it), and just pausing to take a beautiful shot of the sun setting. Sigh, call me a sentimental sap (at least that’s what he calls me) but I just want to have memories that I’ll be able to share with our future puppy (ahem, still waiting…hint hint) or our children (if we ever decide to start a family) and be able to re-live it 5 years, 10 years, or 30 years from now. It saddens me that he just doesn’t understand me sometimes.

With that said, here’s a few snaps of my latest mis-adventures…

I’ve been down with a cold/cough combo for the past few weeks now, so making chicken noodle was a must!


And drinking yummy soups made by my boyfriend’s mom didn’t hurt either :)


It didn’t hurt that there were lots of smooches under the mistletoe hehe


And I love pampering myself on the weekends with Annaliese Body Care (thank you Claudia!) for my body and giving my face some TLC from Lush!



Sunsets like this take my breath away….


Last weekend, we were fortunate enough to spend a wonderful morning at the LA Arboretum distributing toys and food to children and low income families through the Foothill Unity Center. We manned the arts and crafts booth and I may of had a little too much fun at the glitter table :)


We followed that day up with a nice stroll in Pasadena. My favorite thing that we are do is going out and trying new brunch places. There’s nothing more perfect in my book than a late sidewalk brunch with my love. We went to Mi Piace on Colorado in Pasadena. I had my first eggs benedict and their margherita pizza is pretty yummy too!


Later that night, we went to our professor’s (his mentor’s) retirement party at our (more like his) alma mater. We haven’t returned since we graduated last year. It was like a mini economics reunion…and everyone there in that room had nothing but amazing things to say about him.

This university will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s where we met. On that first day of school. The very first person I said “hi” to….grad school sweethearts :)


Sometimes I just can’t contain myself and want to step on every crunchy leaf I pass by…


December 23rd was Festivus!!! Did you guys remember? I celebrated with a black and white cookie hehe


For Christmas Eve, I took him to my favorite waffle spot, Bruxies for brunch. And I am happy to report that he liked it!! I’ve been trying to get him to come this waffle place for as long as it has been open but he never would budge because he’s not a waffle person. Alas, it was a Christmas miracle :)


Fried chicken and waffles!


With their signature maple syrup!


We spent Christmas apart so that meant belated Christmas presents from his family for me to open :D


One of my presents included at mandoline! I can’t wait to start using it! Bye bye my fingers! :(


This weekend, I spent all Saturday resting and watching the whole fourth season of Glee. Then today, we spent a lovely morning strolling the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I must admit, some of the street performers there are really talented.

We also had gelato. It was simply amazing.


Then we headed to Culver City to lunch at Father’s Office in the Helms Bakery District. If you haven’t been to Father’s Office, you must try! It’s one of the best gastropubs I’ve ever been to and it is definitely one of his favorites. He wants his birthday party there!

A must get is their fries with the garlic aioli sauce


And of course, you can’t come without trying their signature Office Burger. That’s his burger :)


I had the Liberty Duck Confit Salad, so good!!!


We also ran into a friend of ours from grad school! It was so great catching up. Random that we ran into him there of all places, but great nonetheless. I know it’s only been a year since we graduated, but it’s so crazy how grown up we’ve become. It was a great lunch and a great way to end the weekend!

This was a wonderful month, a month of reflection….One of my favorite quotes from my tea bag lol :)


I hope you had a wonderful weekend and an even more amazing 2013. I know I’m excited to ring in the New Year in my new glitter Toms :)


What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?

xoxo, kat



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