Weekend || Cupcakes, wings, and a panda

I must say, this past week was one of my favorite weeks out of the whole year! I treated myself to a mini 6 day vacation from work, had a lovely Thanksgiving, done lots of shopping, relaxing, and napping! I feel incredibly blessed that I got to enjoy all that with my boyfriend :)

Another exciting thing I did this weekend was attend the grand opening of the Suite 106 Cupcakery in Rancho Cucamonga, CA on Sunday.You know me, I love me my cupcakes! It was my first cupcakery opening and despite the heat and long wait, it was worth it. Suite 106 Cupcakery are 2 time Cupcake Wars champs on the Food Network!


Each cupcake costs $3.50. Aside from cupcakes, there are an array of sweet treats to choose from like brownies, giant cookies, whoopie pies, and cake pops. I stuck with the cupcakes. Next time I go back, I will definitely have to try that giant cookie. They are the size of pancakes!!

After being in line for almost 2 hours under the sweltering sun, we had chicken wings err chicken nuggets from Wingstop. I had 3 nuggets and passed out for 2 hours lol. Talk about food coma!!


And that was a wonderful end to an amazing week with my love! And today was a strictly a me day. I went to the gym, shopped and fell in love with a handbag, then roamed the aisles aimlessly at Trader Joe’s. My favorite pastime! I hardly get to do that anymore since I’m always in a rush these days.

I also whipped up an easy dinner for my boyfriend to enjoy after he got off work :)


PS, I received a new pandee bear! I named him Jerry, an ode to Seinfeld :)


I hope you are all having wonderful start to the week! And fingers crossed the weekend comes quickly!!

xoxo, kat

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