Mondays – Fridays, I am in working girl mode! But the weekends, those are my days where I get to hit the snooze (more times than I should), wake up late (7 am is called sleeping in for me now lol!), explore and go out on adventures with my mister, or just stay in bed and watch all my favorite guilty shows on Netflix.

How do you indulge on your weekends?

Here’s what I’ve been up to these past weekends….let’s just say, lots of eating! Hehe :)


We headed off to San Pedro last weekend to enjoy the nice chilly weather and a yummy seafood lunch. Earlier in the year, we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific and lunched at one of those seafood markets by the berths at Long Beach. I fell in love. The food should be done! Straight from the ocean and directly to your plate. The place was Berths 55. Fingers crossed it us still open because I would love to go back!

In San Pedro, we lunched at Crusty Crab. It is just one of the many little establishments along the berths. We had the seafood platter special for 2 which included clam chowder, lobsters, fried zucchini, corn on the cob, scallops/shrimp/bell pepper kebabs, and rice pilaf. We also slurped on some oysters! It was a delicious lunch! Afterwards, we sat outside to have some drinks and enjoy the beautiful view :)

We also strolled around the area…it’s like a mini Farmers Market! We found some extra yummy homemade Mexican candies!


Later in the day, we headed off to LA to visit out tree :) And had an impromptu double date with his parents at Shakey’s! I also had my first mojo potatoes! Those babies are addicting!!


I love that we are in holiday season mode! I love the holiday drinks in little red cups from Starbucks! My favorites are the white hot chocolate, pumpkin spice latte, and chai tea latte. If you are a Starbies fanatic, don’t miss out on their limited edition 2013 ornament! It is a replica of their classic holiday red cup (see above pic). I picked one up and surprised the mister with it :)

This weekend, we went on a ramen adventure! You guys know, I love me my ramen! And since I can’t always go to Little Tokyo, I’ve been on a hunt to find equally comparable and yummy ramen places in my area.

I think I may of found it! It is about less than a half hour drive away from us. It is a small, quaint, hole-in-the-wall kinda joint, it’s a hidden local gem! Ifyou’re ever in Hacienda Heights, the name of the place is called Foo Foo Tei. This place is highly raved about on Yelp and had 1100+ reviews! I am a huge sucker for Yelp and welp, the mister on the other hand has his doubts. For once, he actually agreed with Yelp! We give this place 5/5 stars.

A hot bowl of noodles is my idea of perfection on a cold chilly Autumn day :)


I tried their signature nanchatte tonkotsu ramen. It’s a creamy soup based ramen, and the noodles…perfect. This is a regular size…the portions are huge!


He tried the pork and veggie ramen. Equally yum! The portions….oh my gosh, they are huge!!


For apps, we tried the fufu potatoes (nothing spectacular, just deep fried baby potatoes) which is served with mayonnaise and wasabi mayonnaise and the stuffed soft shell crab (very good).


I also introduced him to his first Calpico drink hehe :)


And that has been my weekend musings! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Only two more days of work for me before I start my vacation! Much needed and I can’t wait! PS, I am super jealous my boyfriend is already on vacation :)

xoxo, kat


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