Goodbye weekend

Happy end of the weekend! Sigh, weekends are my favorite days out of the week. Now more than ever, I cherish them. It’s the only time during the week I can truly unwind and relax, all while spending it with my mister :)

For the 4th, we approached it as a day off for us. We didn’t do anything, just a whole lot of absolutely nothing. I loved every second of it. No BBQ, no parade watching, no fireworks…just us two, at home, cooking, laughing, relaxing, plopped on the couch catching up on Netflix and watching episodes of Anthony Bourdain on Hulu. It was ideal, perfect, and much-needed for the two of us.

It started off with pizza, then my lasagna…the mister’s favorite! I had been wanting to make him lasagna for almost a month now but we never had the time or when we had the time plans changed.


It was worth the wait! I love cooking his favorites :)

For dessert, I made an apple crumble. By far, it is the easiest no-fuss dessert ever! I’ll post the recipe for that soon :)


The rest of our July 4th weekend was spent eating leftovers (next-day lasagna is just so much better than just-made lasagna and cold crumble yumm :), nap time breaks on the couch, and going to the 626 Night Market event in Arcadia. More on that to come!

Hope you’re all enjoying the very last bit of the weekend!

xoxo, kat


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