Hi my long lost blog, I hope we are still friends

Hello world. It’s me. Insert long silent awkward pause because I’m seriously drawing a blank and don’t even know where to begin…

Welp since my last post (Engagement Chicken), life is still the same…I’m still deathly afraid of spiders and most creepy tiny things that crawl… Life has just been more exhausting. I’m still cooking, but not nearly as much I would like. And baking…well I’m hardly baking which I am quite sad about. The only thing I am baking are chocolate chip cookies which keeps the mister happy but doesn’t fulfill my desire for creativity. Perhaps I should try a new chocolate chip cookie recipe, maybe the infamous NY Times cookie or a Thomas Keller one? But I’m just so…happy with my favorite Betty Crocker recipe! I’ve mastered it, and every time I use her recipe my cookies come out perfect and gorgeous! I hear now complaints!

Enough about me and my cookie dilemma! How have you all been? What have you been eating?! And coooooooooking!

Last weekend was the kick-off to our Summer Part 4: Misadventures! We started it off my going to a music festival in Pasadena and just roamed the streets enjoying the food and the scene. It was fun!




And to recover from that, we spent the rest of the weekend in. I whipped up a quick healthy dinner for us to just unwind and enjoy. I made a pan seared salmon on top of a organic baby spinach salad with basic balsamic vinaigrette. It was simple and effortless, but wowed and impressed the mister!

We picked us this big beautiful filet of salmon on our way home. Nothing crazy, just good old fashion s+p.

To get that good crispy sear, make sure your skillet is extra hot! Pour a few teaspoons of good olive oil and lay the salmon skin side up. Throw in a few chunks of butter and leave it alone for a good 3-5 minutes.

Once that’s done, flip and cook the other side of the salmon till its cooked fully and leave on the pan for a few extra minutes to give it that extra crisp.

While the salmon is cooking, you can easily make the balsamic vinaigrette! Then just pour it over and toss a few times to ensure that every piece of spinach is coated.

And that’s that!

Wishing you guys a wonderful weekend! More blogging to come :)
xoxo, kat

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