ahem, hellooo? is thing still on….?

Why hellooooo la la la! It’s been forever and I can’t even remember the last time I popped in! Work has been consuming my life. No complaining from me! I actually enjoy work and I love my job! I’ve also been down with the flu this week, thank you work cooties… :). And the weather! Oh my gosh, the weather! It’s finally feeling like the holidays! We had our first official rain this week and it felt so nice bundling in a coat and scarf!

Anyhoo, the boyfriend and I finally got to spend some much needed time bf+gf time and spent the day in LA. If you guys ever need recommendations in the LA area, ask him! He knows all the coolest spots! Me, on other hand, I’m an OC girl so I’m not much help lol.

We headed to the Beverly Center to hit up the Bloomie’s friends and family sale! After working hard and saving for a month and a half, I finally splurged and purchased the bag that’s been on my “wish list” ever since our Euro-trip back in 2010. It’s a beautiful roomy bag and perfect for all my working girl needs :).

ps, that’s not my purse :)

Afterwards, we drove around and found this little gem!

the original Pink’s!!!

The lines at Pink’s may be long, but it’s so worth the wait! The chili cheese dog was yummy! The New York dog wasn’t what I expected but it was still good!

chili cheese dog for him, new york dog for her and a side of onions and an order of bacon burrito dog to ooh and aww over ;)

Their infamous wall of celebrities!

i spy Gordon Ramsey :)

But heart belongs to George Costanza!


I had a fabulous time, thank you boyfriend! And I can’t leave without showing you guys a picture of my cupcake!!


someone brought in cupcakes at work! it was perfect for the girl with the flu who was bundled in a coat and scarf during lunch :)

Anyways, I hope you guys are having a wonderful start to November! I am so excited for all the holidays!! Let me know what you’ve been up to!

Happy weekend! xoxo, kat





10 thoughts on “ahem, hellooo? is thing still on….?

  1. I haven’t been around much either…2 busy it seems! Love your post. mmmmmmmmmmmmm Pink’s looks good; reminds me of the great hot dogs and italian beef we used to get in Chicago! HEHEHE for a minute i thought that was your purse!! (The brown bag). Glad u treated yourself!

    1. Aww Trish, you are so sweet! Oh my gosh, reading your Chicago story reminds me of all those Travel Channel shows I watch about food in Chicago! I hope you’re doing well :)

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