Eating Adventure :: The Yum Festival 2012

Disclaimer: This will be an obnoxiously long food porn heavy post. Very few words, just pictures. Drool at your own risk :)

This weekend was my very last weekend as a post-grad bum (my first day of work is this Monday!!!) and what better way than to celebrate than go to a food truck festival, right???!!!

I went to the 2nd Annual Yum Festival in Ontario Mills (Ontario, California). What is The Yum Festival? Well, it’s foodie heaven featuring some of Southern California’s best gourmet food trucks. This year the festival featured Food Network’s “The Great Food Race” Season 2 winner The Lime Truck, as well  Bacon MANia, The Grilled Cheese Truck, CoolHaus, and a slew of other popular food trucks.

Anyhoo, on to the pictures! We got there when it opened so there weren’t a lot of people, just exited foodies!

outside the festival

My inner pudgy girl was giddy with joy :D


Here were just some of the food trucks…

Gravy Train Poutine, Gringos Tacos, Cool Cow

Corn Heaven


Bacon MANia

The menu…I was really looking forward to this food truck but passed. What?! Me, pass on bacon? Say it isn’t so lol :)

The Grilled Cheese Truck. Long lines for this truck! I looked at the menu and was not interested in eating a melt. What’s the hype with this food truck?

For entertainment, there was a DJ and a BMX stunt show by Team Soil

Now on to what we ate!! We only hit up 4 food trucks but by the second I was already feeling full! Food festival fail.

He was super excited for the Lobsta Truck. It’s one of the pricier trucks, but it’s so worth it because they don’t skimp on anything! This truck definitely did not disappoint! We had the lobsta roll with butter, it was sooooo good and packed with lots of lobster. I love that they don’t use the traditional bread rolls, but instead opt for toast. We also got a cup of the clam chowder which was also amazing, and we sipped on a refreshing cup of lemonade.

Lobsta Truck

the menu

lobsta roll with butter ($12), clam chowder ($4), and fresh lemonade ($2)

For our second tasting, we decided on tacos! There were two tacos trucks there, The Surfer Taco (fish tacos) and Gringos Tacos but I love me my Mexican tacos so we went with Gringos! We feasted on the 3 taco plate special which included three carne asada tacos, rice, and beans. The tacos were good and reminiscent of my beloved taco man :)

gringos three taco special ($8)

Did I mention that there was a fried chicken truck?? I love fried chicken and how could I go to a food festival without eating at least one piece of chicken? Ludo Truck was our last (last but not least) stops! We went for the honey garlic-glazed wings…very sticky, very gooey, very messy, very good. Although I love fried chicken, I don’t think they sweet, sticky, gooey, messy wings were right for this occasion. PS, so happy it was one of our last stops because my hands were so sticky!

Ludo Truck

honey garlic-glazed wings (2 for $5.50)

we enjoyed our wings with a blueberry soda from Lobsta Truck

And lastly, cupcakes!!! I was very pleased to see that there was a cupcake truck! Of course, I wanted to run straight for the cupcake truck when we got there, but my more reasonable conscience (ahem, boyfriend) convinced me that cupcakes were going to spoil my appetite. Don’t let him know this but between you and me, he was right lol. I picked up two cupcakes, the Southern Red Velvet and a Snickerdoodle Cupcake from My Delight Cupcakery.

My Delight Cupcakery

award winning cupcakes!

that’s meeeeeee! hi :)

southern red velvet ($3) and snickerdoodle ($3)

Check out some of my favorite food trucks for their Twitter feed and schedule:

Things I learned…

  • bring a Longchamp purse, not your vintage light-colored leather purse that you will fuss over (throughout the event, tables start getting dirty and people with messy sticky fingers are walking around, and what girl doesn’t love big bags :)
  • bring a minimum of 2 bottles of water (one for me and one for boyfriend ;)
  • hand sanitizer is a MUST.
  • sandals equal tan lines in 90° weather
  • you will spend more money on drinks than food (it’s a fact)
  • eat light meals throughout the week to prep tummy for food festival :)

I had a wonderful time and tons of great laughs at my first food festival! It was a good weekend and I’m currently nursing a tummy ache, thank you Mister for a fabulous date  :)

What’s your favorite food truck? I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, kat


3 thoughts on “Eating Adventure :: The Yum Festival 2012

  1. Who knew that the Canberra food hound would comment? Gaz would be happy at a fair like this one. The food you featured looks amazing Kat! Invite me next time….please….Hugs! – B

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