why hello, Fall!!


It’s the second official day of Autumn and it still feels like summer here in sunny (but extremely) hot California! Won’t this heatwave ever go away?? Can’t a girl just wear her new sweaters, scarves, and boots already? :)

For the first day of Fall, I celebrated with my first cup of Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks and went to a bbq/belated birthday party that my boyfriend’s family was throwing. He calls it bbq, I call it belated birthday party because there was a lot food (omg meat galore for an “occasional vegetarian” like myself ;), tons of cake and desserts (mmmm flan!), and presents! I definitely had a great time, and it was a great way to end summer and to kick off the new season!

I hope you had a wonderful first day of the new season and great weekend! How did you celebrate?

xoxo, kat


12 thoughts on “why hello, Fall!!

  1. Haven’t had any yet but I do have a pumpkin pecan cupcake recipe around here somewhere I have had my eye on! P.S. Don’t ever de-seed jalapenos w/o wearing gloves! I have de-seeded them before and was careful but somehow I did it yesterday and one of my hands was on fire!!! I had to keep a baking soda water paste on it for about 3 hours before it stopped! Just a reminder if you ever make stuffed jalapenos (I de-seed them so they are not so spicy)!

    1. Oh wow, thanks for the amazing tip Trish!! I hope your hands are feeling better! Now do you have any tips for cutting onions??! I cannot chop an onion without my eyeballs burning lol

      1. hehehehe they say you can put an onion in the refrigerator for a little while before you cut it up and that is supposed to help! You know my secret is —I wear contact lenses! So I have never had that problem! Isn’t that weird? A couple of times I have had my glasses on and of course my eyes start watering and I think to myself how do the ladies on the cooking shows do this w/o crying????
        Yes it was just one hand thank goodness and it is fine now!

  2. Man it feels like Autumn here. Its been raining constantly for about a week. British weather is kind of insane at the moment. I’m surprised we didn’t just go straight into winter!

  3. It has been really hot this summer in LA! Looks like it is going to go up to 100˚F next week! Just crazy…. I can’t wait until Fall actually gets here…. Please give me back my cool weather!

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