so long summer, see you next year!

Hi everyone!! I feel like it’s been ages since I last sat down and took the time to write a true post. Well, I’d like to take the time now to recap the past few months and give you all a quick update on what I’ve been up to.

This has definitely been the summer of change! The official start of summer kicked off with graduation and my birthday. It started off with such hope and promise. I was thrilled that I was officially done with my Masters and school (for probably the rest of my life), but at the same time I was sad that school was coming to an end. For the last 20 years of my life, I’ve always been in school and never once took a break. So when it came down to saying goodbye to the only thing I knew in life, I was sad.


I also made sure I tried to enjoy my “last” summer before I entered the working world.

my summer reading :)

hot summers mean lots of Pinkberry!

the chocolate coated doughnut with frosting filling from Krispy Kremes is my favorite!

Speaking of the working world, it was definitely a very hard, frustrating, emotional, and mentally draining during the whole jobbing/I want to start a career process. There were moments when I just broke down in tears because it was August and I couldn’t find a job, and no one wanted to hire me because I had the education (sometimes maybe too much of an education…) but lacked the kind of work experience they wanted for the field/industry I wanted to be in. I was beyond frustrated, confused, upset, sad, and every single synonym there is in the dictionary. Throughout the whole process, my boyfriend has been an amazing support system and my dad has been supportive as well and reminding me that I shouldn’t give up on myself and “settle” for something less just because…

After countless hours on the internet, 100+ job applications, numerous rejection emails, and a handful of interviews, somewhere in the beginning of September I got the phone call I wanted to hear. I’m officially a working girl! An 8am-5pm working girl to be exact! It will be my first “job” aside from the internships I did in college. I am so excited to start working for the company that hired me, and just working in general! And I am so grateful that this company took a chance on me and offered me an opportunity.

reflecting on my summer and seeing this again gives new meanings to rainbows (yes, I am a sentimental sap! :D)

The summer may of started off with my birthday, but it ended with my boyfriend’s birthday! For his birthday, we kicked it off with a shopping excursion, sushi, grocery shopping (I love grocery shopping, I am beyond weird), and him his favorite for dinner! I made a big batch of Paula Deen’s Lots O’Meat Lasagna (but lasagna roll style!), so that he would have extras for the week and for work. Aren’t I just the bestest girlfriend? lol :)

mmmmm suuushi!

birthday lasagna

The years in school we spent together and this summer in particular has truly been a growing experience for the both of us. And I am so looking forward to the future and all of our plans! I love him more than anyone in this world. I am so relieved and am just so happy and excited at where I am in life.

With all these changes that are happening, I hope I’m able to update my blog frequently. And thank you guys so much for reading my blog and just being a part of my life (yes, I am a cheeseball okaaaaay :)!! It really makes me smile that people are finding my blog through my favorite site, Pinterest, and are checking out some of my favorite foods I’ve made!

PS. I got a new cookbook in the mail! It’s an advanced copy of Tiny Food Party! from Spoon Fork Bacon. It’s one of my favorite blogs and I am so happy for them because they are coming out with their first cookbook on October 9th. I can’t wait to throw my first tiny food dinner party! I know I’m going to love this book! Pre-order it here!!!!

Spoon Fork Bacon’s first cookbook, Tiny Food Party!

I hope you guys had a wonderful carefree summer!

xoxo, kat


7 thoughts on “so long summer, see you next year!

  1. What a wonderful update! Geez girl I am sorry you went through so many ups and downs with the job search. I bet there was a reason–you were meant to wait to get this job! I thought of you today because they have a Halloween Funfetti cake mix out now. Just saw it at the store this afternoon. Maybe you have seen them! That lasagna looks so delicious! My best to you.

    1. Oh Trish, thank you so much! You have always been such a wonderful ray of sunshine!! I love hearing from you :). I LOVE getting the themed Funfetti mixes!! I will definitely need to make a Target run and buy everything Halloween Funfetti!

      Wishing you the best! xoxo

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