International Bacon Day


Happy International Bacon Day!!  If it’s found on Wikipedia, it’s must be true right? :)

Ahhh bacon, my favorite! I love my bacon deep-fried! So bad for you, I know… but I think it’s safe to indulge once in a while!

How do you like to enjoy your bacon?

Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful long weekend! xoxo, kat


6 thoughts on “International Bacon Day

  1. I’ve never had deep fried bacon! Must put that on my to do list! I always use the kitchen shears to trim off some of the fat. I should have been a surgeon by the time I get done with it. I figure that way I can eat it more often!

  2. I love bacon no matter how it is cooked! I discovered in watching the cooking shows that most chefs actually bake their bacon! Gee that sounds funny! It comes out crisp and golden and not over done!

  3. Yes A week would be more appropriate! Hey Kat I did do the banana ice cream. It was great! I actually left two bananas in the freezer overnight. They were hard as a rock so I was shocked how quickly they thawed out–maybe an hour? I can’t exactly remember. I made some homemade choc. syrup to put on them. Was great! I will definitely be doing this a lot as the possibilities are endless. I think peanut butter choc. syrup will be next?

    1. I froze my bananas whole (peel off) for a few nights. And then I just took them out of the fridge and chopped it up into chunks! I was surprise it wasn’t hard and was super easy to chop up the frozen bananas lol. And yes to peanut butter and chocolate syrup!!!!!!

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