One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream


Hi guys! Just a quick pop-in, but I hope you’re having a lovely Monday! I just wanted to share a quick snapshot of the banana ice cream I made. It literally took seconds and is sooo yummy! It reminds me of the homemade banana ice cream my mom used (used=once :) to make for me when I was a kid. I hope you give this a try and please let me know what you think about it! xo, kat.

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5 thoughts on “One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

  1. That looks just like icre cream! Got some bananas today – they are not ripe enough yet though so will be a day or two. can’t wait to try it–i’m thinking some kind of Kahlua sauce/topping on it….hehehehehhehe..i know when I’m not drinking martinis, i’m eating ice cream with Kahula on top!

    1. OH YAY!!! So happy you like it! I seem have half a tupperware full of banana ice cream I need to finish :). Do you like it best straight out of the blender or frozen hard? I really like it straight out of the blender! :D

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