Hi guys! I love enchiladas.

Whenever I get the chance, this is one of the things I ask my boyfriend to make when I’m not hogging the kitchen :)

My boyfriend makes the best enchiladas! They are my favorite because they are so easy to put together and there’s no baking like most enchiladas recipes call for, so in under 10 minutes my enchiladas cravings are satisfied! Yay me!

Trust me, these will be the quickest enchiladas you’ll ever make!

You can fill these enchiladas with anything your heart desires and it’s a total customizable dish! I prefer just good old regular cheese enchiladas. To add some color and veggies to my enchiladas, I chopped up some fresh cilantro and green onions.

In a large skillet, warm your favorite enchilada sauce. Toss a tortilla in there and fully submerge it in the enchilada sauce making sure that the tortilla is fully coated in sauce.

After you’ve swished your tortilla around in the sauce for about 2 minutes, scoop your tortillas onto a plate. Toss whatever you want in your enchiladas near the middle of the tortilla, then quickly fold the outer edges in. And by quickly, I mean fast because it’ll be hot! Sensitive fingers beware!

And voilà! Cheesy goodness! You can sprinkle some more cheese and some fresh greens on top (in my case, cilantro and green onions). I also paired this with cilantro lime rice (will blog on this soon!).

Now wasn’t that quick? :)

Wishing you a wonderful day! Feel free to share your favorite enchiladas recipe below!

xoxo, kat


  • El Pato Enchilada Sauce (or any enchilada sauce)
  • corn tortillas
  • cheese, chopped green onions/cilantro (or any fillings of your choice)


  1. Warm enchilada sauce in a large skillet till it bubbles.
  2. Dunk one tortilla at a time and fully submerge it in the enchilada sauce making sure it is coated for a few minutes (2-3 mins), then transfer to plate.
  3. Put fillings onto the tortilla and fold. Sprinkle with more cheese! Eat and enjoy :)

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