Funfetti Pancakes



In my perfect world, every breakfast item, dessert, treat, candy, anything (and everything!) would be covered in sprinkles!

I love to add bright sprinkles in anything that’s edibility possible, sooooo why not pancakes??

It’s such a cute way to jazz up boring pancakes! For breakfast duty, I made the pancakes and eggs and he made chilaquiles :)

Hope you’re having a wonderful morning, xoxo kat

What do you like to add sprinkles in? :)

Funfetti Pancakes

  • Trader Joe’s pancake mix
  • giant handful of sprinkles!


  1. Make pancake batter according to the directions on your pre-made mix.
  2. Dump a bottle of sprinkles into the pancake batter.
  3. Cook pancakes and eat immediately!


One thought on “Funfetti Pancakes

  1. love it! Because of all your great funfetti ideas I’m now addicted to those funfetti cake mixes. Everytime I go to the store now i pick one up HAHHAHA – i hadn’t made a boxed cake mix in 5 years – just from scratch – now i’m just sticking with the boxed funfettis for everything! Wow that breakfast looks good! Kute Post Kat!

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