this + that :: summer

Summer heat wave!!!!!!

How are you guys dealing with this yucky summer heat? All my life, I’ve grown up in sunny Southern California but I secretly long for gloomy Seattle days…

For much needed cool downs, this has been my current favorite sip (Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher) when I’m out and about! But for days when I’m home, I still love homemade limeade! I first had this drink last summer and I’m so happy they brought it back again this summer!

We’ve been indulging ourselves and had quite a few happy hour dates :)

at Dillion’s Restaurant & Irish Pub

Speaking of hour happy, what’s your favorite happy hour sip of choice?! I have the hardest time deciding, so I would love your suggestions for me! I love vodka :)

at Eureka! (a review on this place coming soon!)

One advantage of having all this sunshine is that it makes me want to wear color! I highly recommend slipping into a pair of bright color jeans.

can’t forget mint nails! mint and red go very well together :)

I have a bit of a color denim obsession this year!

this wasn’t planned but sometimes I think I was born to be pink ;)

I’ve been eating a lot of noodles! I love ramen with extra spice!

And sushi…

But bento boxes from Matsu are my favorite!

My favorite part of summer so far is her…

adopted her from Yogurtland :)

I saved these souvenir spoons and told my boyfriend that they will be our new dinnerware for when we have smart dinner parties :)

This little tune featuring the Coooookie Monster kept me smiling :)

And that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to lately! I promise more recipe to come soon! Expect a new nachos recipe on Tuesday :)

How have you been? What are some highlights are your summer so far?

xoxo, kat


10 thoughts on “this + that :: summer

      1. In Canberra we get frosty days until mid November. Then it gets very hot and dry. My preference is the tropics. I like the warm humid weather of Darwin. I need a job there or a big lotto win :-)

  1. Summer is dreadful here in my place hahaha….But its always a great time to hit the beach. I love your nail polish,,,so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttteeeeeee

  2. I can’t believe how hot it has been here either! I’ve been eating lots of froyo to keep cool. As for happy hour drinks…I love vodka tonics! :)

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