Celebrate :: 4th of July

photo weheart.com

4th of July weekend is almost here! When I think of July 4th, I think of all the brave and courageous people who fought hard to make this country what it is today. Also, it doesn’t hurt that we get to celebrate with our friends and families, and enjoy good bbq, food, and drinks :)

When it comes of holidays, I’m all about the cheese factor! And desserts and sweets are definitely my favorite part to the end of any meal! So, without further ado, I would like to present to you some of my favorite Pinterest finds to help ring in the holiday!

Find out my favorite sweet picks after the jump!

Red, White, and Blue Berry Trifle (recipe here):

red, white, and blue berry trifle || oh Martha, she never fails me :) || photo marthastewart.com

Cherry Pie Cups (recipe here):

cherry pie cups || you can’t celebrate the 4th without having pie! and these pies are too cute to pass :) || photo recipegirl.com

Ice Cream Brownie Starwiches (recipe here):

ice cream brownie starwiches || i know it’s going to be hot here on the 4th, so ice cream sandwiches are perfect! || photo blog.babygizmo.com

Cupcakes in a jar (recipe here):

cupcakes in a jar || i love anything in a jar! and this blog is absoultely one of my favorites! be sure to click on this because she provides the best instructions on how to recreate your own cupcake in a jar :) || photo simplylovefood.blog.com

Candy Corn (recipe here):

candy corn || who say’s candy corn is only for Halloween? i love this idea!! || photo tasteandtellblog.com

Hope you all love these finds and be sure to click on them for the recipe! I’m looking forward to making pie cups! What about you?

xoxo, kat

6 thoughts on “Celebrate :: 4th of July

  1. I’m so sorry I am late congratulating you on your graduation! I have to catch up on all your posts ! Fantastic~ you did it girl! xoxoxoxo

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