Birthday :: Anniversary


Today’s my birthday and our three year anniversary! How perfect is it that he asked me to be his girlfriend on my birthday? I’m terrible with dates so now I never forget! Up until recently, I didn’t know anyone else that had the same birthday as me but I am proud to say that I get to share this day with two other girls! Do you know anyone that you share your birthday with?

I don’t have anything planned for the day other than baking my own birthday cake. For the last 2 years, I never got a cake for my birthday (ahem, mom and dad….) which did sadden me but I did get to spend those birthdays with my boyfriend who, of course, made me feel loved and extra special. So this year, I am making my own birthday cupcakes! I already have it all planned out in my mind! It will be chocolate, loaded with frosting, and topped with extra sprinkles! Other than that, I don’t really have any plans but all I know is that today’s going to be awesome! :)

Thank you again for all your congratulations and well wishes these last few days! I enjoyed reading them and your comments and responses make me so happy! I can’t thank you guys enough!  XOXO

PS, Dear Boyfriend, You’ve made me so happy, I can’t imagine not sharing my life without you. Thank you for always being there for me. Today’s our day! With love, xoxo kat.

14 thoughts on “Birthday :: Anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary and birthday too! I have another friend who has a blog too…

    who is celebrating an anniversary too!

  2. Boo, I am soo delayed wishing you a happy birthday/anniversary Kat! – but I hope it was absolutely awesome nonetheless (and it sounds like it was :D) !!!!!

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