Beverly Hills :: Crustacean

How’s your Monday treating you? I hope it’s going well!

Yesterday was graduation day and after years of hard work, I am so happy to have my Master’s Degree! As I reflect on all of this, I’m going to miss my University and all the wonder teachers I had and friends I’ve made…

Here’s a photo diary of all the festivities from yesterday that I want to share with you guys!

Rather than traditional graduation leis and flowers, I got mini vodkas from my boyfriend! These definitely came in handy for calming down my nerves :)

Not too shabby graduation seats, huh? I think we one of the first departments to have our hooding ceremony so that was nice! The graduation outfits for Masters students is definitely the not the cutest thing I’ve ever worn but it did feel extra special wearing one and standing out from a sea of baccalaureates :)

After the ceremony, we headed straight to LA to start our celebrations! Animal-style fries from In N Out is the food of choice for this hungry grad! :)

En route to Beverly Hills, we spotted the Scooby mobile! I asked my boyfriend to stop the car so I could jump out to snap a quick pic :)

We meet again, Sprinkles and Sprinkles Ice Cream!

We walked around Rodeo Drive and I swooned over a pair of Chanel black satin pumps with the Chanel logo in crystals on the back, le sigh. I’ll be back for you soon! xoxo…

Then we had pre-dinner sips at Le Pain Quotidien. He had his usual Americano and I went for the chamomile mint iced tea, so refreshing!

After drinks, it was dinner time! I remember passing by this place the last time we went on our cupcake adventure and thought how amazing it would be to eat here. Well, we had dinner at Crustacean. It’s so beautiful inside! The decor, the ambiance, everything! And they seated us in a booth with big poofy pillows, so obviously I loved it already! I do have a penchant for laying down after meals lol :)

For dinner, I ordered the dragon fried rice with scallops, scallions, and egg whites, the boyfriend ordered one of their specials of the day which was the sea bass, and we also got a plate of their famous garlic noodles. The fried rice was very good and the sea bass…the most softest and flakiest fish I’ve ever had! But I think the real winner of the night (at least for me, I think he really loved his sea bass lol :), was their garlic noodles! I can’t describe it… It doesn’t look like much at first, but upon first bite it was heavenly!

And for dessert, I couldn’t decide lol so we went with the flan!  Their description says it’s a must have for flan lovers and well since this was going to be my second time eating flan, why not haha! :)

It was very good, creamy, and rich!

Be sides the food, the best part of my night was when the owner of Crustacean (the An family and their whole entourage) walked right past by us and into their exclusive dining area….I die, swooooon! I was in foodie heaven! :D

If you find yourself in the Beverly Hills area, do give Crustacean a try (check out their Yelp reviews here)! It’s a splurge but their food definitely lives up to the hype! You must get garlic noodles!! And if you have been to Crustacean before, let me know what your favorites are! And feel free to leave me a recommendation for other Beverly Hills dining hot spots for me to try!

 Thank you for reading and thank you for all your well wishes from my last post! You guys make me so happy! Will update soon with more recipes!

Have a wonderful day! xoxo, kat

Crustacean Beverly Hills

9646 S Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Neighborhood: Beverly Hills

(310) 205-8990

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    1. Aww Claudia! You are so sweet, thank you so much! I have the boyfriend to thank for that, he makes me feel special. I’m definitely a lucky girl :)

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