long weekend.

How’s your long weekend going? Hope it’s going well!

I’ve spent the past few days catching up on sleep, relaxing, working on a DIY project (I’m crocheting a huge blanket!), and just enjoying my mini break before the madness that is the end of the year and my impending graduation!! With that said, I apologize for not posting as much but I have been cooking! Just not blogging it :(

Here’s a photo journal that pretty much sums up my week…

It started off with family dinner night! If you ever go to BJ’s and you love seafood+pasta, you have to get the shrimp scampi, so good!

Some mornings, sprinkles are a must! :)

I hopped on the coconut water bandwagon! Actually, I hopped and fell…not a huge fan.

My first brain freeeeeeeeeeze!!

Pioneer Woman pretty much dominated our week! Did you get to try sesame noodles yet? I promise you will love :)

Homemade pizza never disappoints (recipe coming soon!)…

And some most nights, sprinkles are also a must! These are funfetti cookie ice cream sandwiches from Every Craving. You may remember my earlier post on my sprinkles obsession and well these were kinda a must-make at first sight. Will blog about them soon but till then, check it out on her site!

The week ended with a date at the Farmer’s Market :)

Have a beautiful rest of the day! xoxo, kat


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