sugar hangover

Good morning! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here’s a peek of what I’ve been up to lately…

It started off with the case of the Monday blues :)

PS, my Kate Spade bow ring is permanently attached to my finger now, love it and won’t ever stop wearing it :)

And some mornings definitely required a little morning pick-me-up…

For date night, I made PW’s simple sesame noodles and Snixy Kitchen’s lemon ginger chicken. Everything came out super yummy and we had leftovers for the day, our bellies were happy :)

And date night wouldn’t have been complete without dessert! I made cupcakes with extra sprinkles inside! Lots of cupcakes=sugar hangover!

This pretty much sums up our entire relationship…

And the weekend ended with blowout boot camp!

This tune that’s been playing non-stop on my Pandora still gets me excited every time!

Expect a three-part date night series featuring sesame noodles, lemon ginger chicken and my top-secret cupcakes! Have a happy Monday!

xoxo, kat


11 thoughts on “sugar hangover

    1. Hehe thanks :)

      If you do choose to go to Michael’s, wait when they have a 40% off coupon…my set ended up costing $5. Not bad for a beginner set :)

  1. Your nails and ring look adorable! I love that color. The cupcake does look professional! not to mention delicious!

    1. Aww thanks Trish :0)
      I owe it all to that cupcake decorating set! The best purchase ever! Wishing you a wonderful week, xoxo

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