bits of my weeks…

I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to a great weekend! It’s Mother’s Day weekend! What are you plans? Mine just includes family dinner, pretty boring huh?

Here’s a recap of my past week in photos:

Monday started off with this…

look at what my boyfriend surprised me with! i’m going to be a dot com soon!!! well, as soon as I learn to transfer it over lol. be sure to bookmark! is that not the bestest present ever? :)

These were my favorite munchies throughout the week…

mmm so good! it’s a kat approved snack :)

And this color made me happy…

my nails are summer ready with essie tart deco :)

I even got to squeeze in a little bro & sis time…

sushi date with the third most important man in my life :)

A special he cooks, she eats moment (recipe here)…

he made noodles from scratch!

Look mom! I found the world’s tiniest scissors!

My week ended with date night…

i got to cook and bake! haven’t been able to do either one in a while! i even loved doing the dishes! i’m probably the only person that loves doing dishes lol. i’m not lying here, just ask my boyfriend :)

martha stewart’s baked ravioli! i can’t wait to blog about everything i made :)

super soft snickerdoodles! trust me, they live up to their name! (recipe coming soon!)

Phew, quite a week in food! Hope you had just of a great week as I did! :)

I’m dedicating today’s post to my boyfriend! Thank you for the past 1,077 days (SE ± 5 days, hehe :) Only a month away from the big 3! This one’s for you :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, kat

ps, who are you dedicating the weekend too? and if so, which song? :)


10 thoughts on “bits of my weeks…

  1. I look forward to being able to read on your new site. I hope it remains a WordPress powered site so your readers can still like and reblog your posts :-)

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