Beverly Hills :: Cupcake Adventure

I am mad at myself. I love my little blog here, and I love the food blogging community! Everyone is so talented and creative, I wish I had half the talent, ingenuity, skill, and creativity as you guys out there! Sigh…

Welp, I apologize for not blogging as much as I have been but these past few months have been super chaotic! I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out why below… :)

Here’s a photo diary of what I’ve been up to recently…

Sometimes, it’s fun to smart the morning off with a little sip of wine (or I’ve dubbed them “wine shots” lol), a two-day old chocolate chip blondie, and probably the best vegan soy drink ever! If you haven’t already, try VitaSoy! It’s all-natural, high in protein, and best of all no dairy!

After my super healthy breakfast (haha, not really!), I made my favorite purchase of the year…

After that, we made an impromptu trip to LA and spent the day with his family. They feed me so well, I left with a belly full of tacos! Eeek, I ate 4 tacos! And then my boyfriend surprised with a late-night rainy trip to Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills. I finally got to see the cupcake ATM!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to use the ATM machine but I did have fun waiting in line and drooling over all the yummy cupcakes on display…

On the way back, we found this…

9021PHO!! Has anyone tried? :)

But noshed on this instead…

Hmmm so many choices!! Which one is your fave?

And our nights ended with a scary movie marathon!

 Hope everyone’s having a wonderful week!

xoxo, kat

ps, i’m now obsessed with Instagramming and tweeting all my recent eats! please follow me on twitter @shecooksheeats :)

8 thoughts on “Beverly Hills :: Cupcake Adventure

  1. You are a talented cook, Kat and a great blogger :) keep it up! i get discouraged too, but then i think that a lot of these people may have been blogging a lot longer than i have. like anything, it takes practice.

    cupcake ATM!! jealous! sounds like a GREAT trip and congrats on your graduation — soon??

    1. Thank you so much! You are so sweet and your words are definitely encouraging :) ps, I can’t wait to graduate! Finally my masters degree lol :)

      1. I am excited but I don’t want to jinx myself until I’m officially done lol. Thank you so much :)

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