say cheeeeeeese

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Hope you had a wonderful week filled with lots of laughs! Nothing but smiles and giggles for me :)

Just some of my most memorable moments of the week…

Favorite date night (recipe coming soon!):

he cooks, she eats: lamb loin chops with basil pesto sauce, arugula salad and garlic mashed potatoes

Favorite quickie (recipe here):

cherry tomato pizza! so easy, so fresh, so light, and so in season! thank you all for your Spring pizza toppings, I can't wait to try them out :)

Favorite hybrid (recipe here): 

chocolate chip blondies!! moist like a brownie/soft and chewy like a cookie onomnomnom (update: ate a day 4 old blondie and still so good :)

Favorite noodles:

spicy miso ramen from RA Sushi! my boyfriend always breaks out in a little sweat, me on the other hand love the heat (i add more) lol :)

Favorite sip:

not only is Nordies one of my favorite stores to shop, they also make the best coffee! i always order the honey almond latte. if you love marzipan then i highly recommend trying this!

Favorite repeat:

What was your week like? Have a beautiful weekend! XOXO

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