Bacon Bits Quesadillas

bacon bits quesadillas

Bacon. Bacon bits. Bacon bits infused with yummy melted cheese. Let me introduce to you the best lunch ever…the bacon bits quesadilla!

Let’s recount how this was created…

  • Date: Monday, April 17, 2012
  • Time: Noonish
  • Location: she cooks, he eats official test kitchen with live-in guinea pig (ie, boyfriend’s house :)

I was saving myself for happy hour, but was suddenly hearing my loud tummy rumblings and feeling those intense hunger pains (kinda like right now while I’m writing this post, ugh this always happens…right foodie bloggers? :).

Anyways, cook some bacon on a pan! My dad use to deep-fry bacon for me as a kid, so I like to cook mine till its extra crispy…

Crumble the cooked bacon, then put handfuls of cheese onto the tortilla and generously sprinkle with bacon bits. Cook on a hot pan until the cheese is melted.

Add some kettle chips and an extra slice of bacon, and voilà lunch is served!

PS, we made it to happy hour :)

Have a wonderful day! And please let me know what you’re having for lunch!

xoxo, kat

4 thoughts on “Bacon Bits Quesadillas

  1. Awesome! Friggin’ easiest and probably tastiest meal ever!! Oh Kat…you kill me with these things! I’m going to weigh a million pounds soon! LOL

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