i don’t want to be anything other than what i’ve been trying to be lately

photo miss-swagnificent.tumblr.com

3 words that describe my week: karma, tummy aches, and good-byes.

After nine years, “One Tree Hill” and I said our good-byes. I’ve been watching that show for almost half my life…it sounds so strange when you think of it that way. I loved that the show came full circle and ended on a good note, a good cheesy note. Did anyone else catch the final episode?

here’s a photo diary of my week…

favorite munchies:

double stuffed golden oreos, my favorite! i might of eaten about five too many...

favorite sip:

five too many double stuffed oreos led to massive two day tummy pains for me...i can't believe it's taken me 20+ years to discover this, PB is the best! :)

favorite text (recipe here):

i told my boyfriend i was feeling so well, and guess what my he sent me a pic of?! cooookies! he made me cookies. sooo is he a keeper ladies and gents? :)

favorite recipe (recipe here):

layered baked louisiana-style chicken nachos || i noticed there was a HUGE surge in popularity for these nachos this week via Pinterest! it definitely made my week because these nachos were so good and are finally getting the attention they didn't get the first time around. please check it out if you have time :)

favorite lunch date:

carmel mango chicken and garlic noodles from PF Changs || i highly reccommend the garlic noodles, sooo good! must learn to make my own version! if you have any other noodle recs from PF Changs, please let me know! i love me my noodles :)

favorite frogurt:

yeah, yeah, Pinkberry aaagain...but it's hovering between high 70s-low 80s here, life in LA is tough hehe jk :)

favorite words to live by:

i'm a true believer in fortune cookies and karma. this week, i got away with a possible speeding ticket but of course, the karma gods and i are back at square one (see above photo of PB). love you karma gods, xo! || photo etsy.com

favorite anthem:

thanks for the memories, stories, and crushes OTH…

have a beautiful weekend!


4 thoughts on “i don’t want to be anything other than what i’ve been trying to be lately

  1. I also watched OTH for almost half my life, and when I finished the finale yesterday, I was so emotional. Even though I had prepared myself for the end before (every single almost cancellation of the last 5 seasons or so), knowing for sure that this was the end made this episode just even more special. I loved how they brought it full circle, and how we got to glimpse the future a little bit. Hopefully all the psychos in Tree Hill have been kicked out, leaving the gang safe and sound ;)

    P.S. How awesome is it that they brought Bevin back? I still can’t get over it.

    1. i was so surprised that they brought Bevin back! it was nice to see her and Skills together again :) i am kinda disappointed they didn’t bring back or talk about what Karen is up to.

  2. Friiiig, that’s the second time I’ve seen those nachoes on here, and I still NEED to make them – they look so freakin’ good!!

    I never watched One Tree Hill, but I can still relate to feeling bummed out about your 9 year relationship ending – that’s how I felt about Buffy the Vampire Slayer when it was over!! :(

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