high five for friday

photo mart-inabox.tumblr.com

you’re back, and i love you. like a lot.

here are some highlights from my week that made me smile…

favorite sip:

yes...i'm classy like that, sipping merlot with a red vine straw makes for tipsy times and endless giggles :) || merlot by falesco || have you tried? so good! slowly loving reds, any recs for red wines?

favorite treat:

we shared a small peach pinkberry with mochi + cinnamon streusel (for her) and strawberries + fruity pebbles (for him)

favorite boyfriend-made concoction (recipe coming soon!):

move over chilaquiles, pasta e olio à la mon ami is my current fave!

favorite bacon:

i remember pinning this on Pinterest and i got 15 likes and 90+ repins, so this one is a definite must make! :) || bacon taco shells || photo studio1twenty3.com

favorite high five:

photo weheartit.com

favorite repeat:

how was your week? do you have any favorites?

have a happy friday and a fabulous weekend!

xoxo, kat

ps, I have a few upcoming recipes that I am very excited to post! expect my apple crumble, pasta e olio à la mon amour, and super yummy ginger-soy marinated beef short ribs!! till then, xo :)


5 thoughts on “high five for friday

  1. Love that bacon taco shell. If I show my husband, he’ll likely eat this every.single.day!

    As far as reds go, we really like a blend called Apothic Red. Very approachable and drinkable…even for non-red lovers. It’s also very reasonable priced (<$10/bottle).

    Happy Friday!

  2. excellent list! we have a local bakery chain here in the Northwest and this morning I ate one of their peach-ginger muffins. it was amazing!! i might have to copy-cat. happy friday! Michael Jackson and i are making the best of it :)

  3. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! That bacon taco shell is TOO MUCH – I am going to die, that would be insanely delicious. Where do you find these things!?!? :P

    And that pasta looks lovely, I can’t wait till you post the recipe!!!

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