Pineapple and Chorizo Pizza

pineapple and chorizo pizza

Hope the case of Mondays didn’t get to you! Here’s a super yummy quickie dinner idea for those of you who are currently pizza, which just so happens to be all the time for me! I was actually inspired by the new Papa John’s 5-Sausage Pizza because it had chorizo, but I think my version is way better (not biased at alllll here, smh hehe) and way more healthier! We made this for date night and it was so easy and effortless!

Pineapple + chorizo, amazing on its own but together…mmmm mmm mmmm :)

Here’s a kitchen tip (but totally optional) is to bake the pizza dough for a few minutes in the oven to ensure a fully-cooked pizza…

While the crust is pre-baking, cook the chorizo. Awhile back, someone who left a comment on my Spanish Chicken with Chorizo and Potatoes post, told me that what I had shown was actually Mexican chorizo and not Spanish chorizo. Sooooo I guess Mexican chorizo is paste-like, whereas Spanish chorizo is in sausage form? I’m assuming what makes them Mexican vs. Spanish are the flavorings that go into the meat… Well, whoever you are, thank you!! xoxo

Cook the chorizo Mexican chorizo about three-fourths cooked or one-fourths of the way uncooked depending on which side of the spectrum you’re on :)

Mmmm, honestly how can you not want to scoop a spoonful into your mouth?!

This next step is probably the most crucial, so take note lol: (1) spread sauce; (2) spread a layer of cheese; (3) evenly distribute the chorizo (Mexican chorizo, of course! :); (4) strategically place a few pineapples; and (5) sprinkle (ahem, I assume you know this is a heavy-handed sprinkle) cheese. Don’t be afraid to go outside the lines, I do it all the time! I love having some cheese on my crust :)

The next 15 minutes that follow will be the most intense and excruciating minutes. When the smell of pizza starts taking over the kitchen, I just want to snatch it right out of the oven and bite it. Yes, there is a 4-year old fatty girl that lives inside of me.


Hope you’re all having a wonderful Monday night!

xoxo, kat

Pineapple and Chorizo Pizza

  • 1 store-bought pizza dough
  • 6 ounces of mexican chorizo (remove casings)
  • pineapple, diced
  • pasta sauce (or pizza sauce)
  • mozzarella cheese


  1. Pre-heat oven to 450° and pre-bake the crust for a few minutes in the oven.
  2. On a pan, cook chorizo about three-fourths of the way done. Use however much you want, but more the better!
  3. Spread sauce, cheese, chorizo, pineapple, and more cheese!
  4. Bake until cheese is melted and the crust is crisp and brown, 15 minutes.

5 thoughts on “Pineapple and Chorizo Pizza

  1. This is great! My hubs loves chorizo and also happens to love any pizza featuring pineapple. I’m betting this will be a huge win in my home. Thanks for sharing!!!

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