{daily musings}

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This has been such a relaxing week! Hope your week was just as great!

Hmmm let’s see what I’ve done this week…

  • slept in every day!
  • morning (okay, okay…more like noon :) wake-up calls from my boyfriend
  • watched 3 hours straight of “I Love Lucy” Mon.-Fri.
  • crocheted a pillow
  • learned spanish!!
  • currently speaking spanglish
Not so eventful, huh? LOL. As for learning spanish- err, I just downloaded an app for my phone! It’s not the greatest app but so far I’ve learned some super easy peasy conversational starters. I’m very excited! In fact, I called my boyfriend in the middle of the night just so that we can talk in spanish haha :)
If anyone has any recommendations for language learning apps/websites, please do let me know!
Do you ever just go through all the pictures in your phone when you’re bored? Well, I just noticed I have tons of photos that I’ve taken but never shared… :(
Prepared to be bombarded with photos from my daily musings…

Favorite morning:

i made buttermilk pancakes and baaaaacon! oh ps, organic blue agave syrup is the best :)

Favorite pizza (recipe coming soon!):

chorizo and pineapple pizza

Favorite mid-day break (recipe here):

who else likes to bake as a de-stresser?

Favorite one-chip wonder:

I prefer my chocolate chip cookies to have the least amount of chips as possible! what can I say, I just love the cookie part! plus I used extra large ghirardelli chips lol :)

Favorite lunch date:

can you guess who ordered which? :)

Favorite repeat:

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

xo, kat


7 thoughts on “{daily musings}

  1. That’s exactly how I love my chocolate chip cookies! Actually, I sometimes just leave them out all together, but then they are called what: just plain cookies? When asked my favorite cookie, I say “chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips” haha.

  2. I love my pizza with pineapple on it :) I also love to use baking as a de-stresser….and I use it as a procrastination method. Like when I should really be doing laundry….I usually put it off because I’ve got cookies to make! haha

  3. And I hope you were in your jammies 80%, no 90% of the time!!! Those are the best days,,,,sweats or jammies and no makeup! Especially mascara – I hate having to take it off every night! (which I do cuz i wear contacts and it’s a big no no the next morning!)

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