Macaron Day


They are super cute, tiny, colorful, tasty, and just tooooo adorable! Awww macarons, how much I love thee!

Aside from cupcakes, these are my favorite desserts…in fact, it’s impossible for me to pick a fave because I love them both so much!

One of my favorite macaron places ever is Laudrée. I’m so lucky that my boyfriend and I got to go to the original store in Paris. In fact, all the macarons in France are a million times better than the ones found here in the States! Sadly, I have not found any good macaron stores in my area… if you have any suggestions for the LA area, please let me know!

Check out these super cute macarons from across the www!

Cherry Blossom Parisian Macaron (recipe here):

cherry blossom parisian macarons || photo

Macarons Craquelés Noisette-Chocolat (recipe here):

macarons craquelés noisette-chocolat || photo

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches (recipe here):

macaron ice cream sandwiches || photo

Strawberry Milk Macarons with Cookie Dough Buttercream (recipe here):

strawberry milk macarons with cookie dough buttercream || photo

Are you lusting for a macaron too? hehe :)

Happy Macaron Day!

xoxo, kat


3 thoughts on “Macaron Day

  1. I was also going to recommend ‘lette! We had a ‘lette (well really it was called Paulette not the abbreviated name) in San Francisco til it closed last year (lucky for us the store manager opened her own macaron store in the same location that’s even better, it’s now called Chantal Guillon) but ‘lette is pretty good by US standards. Their passion fruit, lemon, violet cassis and earl grey are all exceptional.

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