i’m on holiday (just a mini one)

photo pinterest.com

I’m very happy to report that I am officially on spring break!

All those long nights and busy weeks made these past few months challenging but also a great learning experience. Thanking you so much for stopping by and reading my random babbles and following me on my cooking adventure. It has definitely made my days so much better knowing that I can be as weird as I can and share my crazy life with you, thank you :)

Here were the highlights of my week…

Favorite day:

2015 will be epic! || photo fruitycuties.com

Favorite “J”:

my second favorite initial (available at Urban Outfitters) :)

Favorite special delivery:

i finally received a copy of the magazine my maple garlic ginger wings were in...my wings in a maaaaaaagazine! thank you eatz :)

Favorite art:

spent 3 months working on mosaic bottles, a vase, and a mirror/clock (not shown). i am loving DIYs and crafts right now! my favorite is the bottle on the left! :)

Favorite get up and dance moment:

Hope you had a great week! And please do share some of the moments that made your week extra special.

I hear there’s a storm a-coming to LA this weekend so I am super excited for the rain, cuddle time, and a nice warm fire. Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with lots of giggles!

Thank you for reading :)

xoxo, kat

ps, I’m taking a mini-holiday that will consist of lots of sleeping in, reading all my favorite blogs, and spend many hours hulu-ing Glee and Kitchen Nightmares :)



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