Things I Learned on Date Night

Hope you all remembered to change those clocks an hour ahead AND I hope you had an even more fabulous weekend!

Date night recap:

We’ve been clearing out the fridge these past few weeks and I think we’ve finally used up almost every single ingredient we’ve ever bought, yay!

My boyfriend is an amazing cook! (Definitely not biased :). Not just that everything he cooks taste good, but the fact that he can eyeball any ingredient and not give a second thought about it. Me, on the other hand, will put on my pout face all day long if I don’t have my measuring cup! I just can’t ever bring myself to cook something without having a plan in mind. My boyfriend on the other hand (ughh my other hand? I seriously need new vocab lol) is like a cooking wizard. He remade my srirachi wings without measuring a single thing and made lemon pepper wings/Louisiana-style hot wings out of nowhere! I love that when he’s cooking, things are flying everywhere and it’s a mess and it doesn’t bother him one bit! I’m a mini-Martha-in-training, so I must have everything neat and I must be neat in my cooking/prep process or else the pout face returns lol. Sigh….I’m OCD when it comes to the kitchen!

With his nonchalant approach in the kitchen and my OCD, I think we make quite a match :)

Is anyone out there like me? Or am I the only crazy obsessive compulsive neat freak…

Anyways, I apologize for that babble! Now on the good stuff…

He was in charge of the wings!

He made lemon pepper wings, sriracha wings, parmesan pepper wings, Louisiana-style buffalo wings (so hot!!).

And I made my favorite, ginger scallion noodles with yummy fresh ramen noodles!!!!

We feasted on wings and noodles all night! My idea of perfection Oh, he also supplied me with my first real cup of coffee for the year…that coffee pusher! :)

How did you do date night this week?

Have a wonderful Monday!

xoxo, kat

Recipes featured:

ps. Be sure to check out other yummy eats in the “recipe” section of my blog! It’s constantly being updated :)


9 thoughts on “Things I Learned on Date Night

  1. We haven’t had a date all year. :( But we do have dinner together every night, so I guess that counts! I can’t even remember the last time my husband and I went out, just us. Seems our babysitters are busier than we are!

    Anyway, back to food — this look delicious. For all the years I’ve made chicken wings, I have never made more than one style at a time. What a great idea! I’ll do that the next time I make them. (I still have your parmesan cilantro fries recipe open in another window because I want to make that this week!)

    1. AHHH my forgetful self! I forget to hit the reply comment when I first responded to this sigh lol….

      Aww! At least you two get to have dinner together! We only get to have dinner together once a week (date night) but we hardly go out anymore, which doesn’t bother me on bit because I love cooking for us :)

      I definitely shied away at the thought of making multiple styles of wings at once, but once I found the perfect oven temp (425 degs) and time (20-25 mins) I love making more than one style for meal time lol. I hate the marinating process so I’m always on the hunt for a great wing recipe that doesn’t require any marinating but still holds flavor.

      I really do hope you get to try the Parmesan cilantro fries because they were delish! Don’t season with lots of salt because the parmesan is salty!! That was my mistake :)

      Wishing you and your family a wonderful week! :)

  2. Kat , He’s a keeper for sure!
    I’m like your guy–it looks like a tornado hit –i like to get everything going and then– poof- I’ll have it cleaned up in a jiffy! You two should open a wings joint!

  3. I have OCD in a lot of ways, but cooking isn’t one of them. I’m all about the eyeball, mostly because that means I’ll have less to clean up later LOL!!!!

    You know, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten Ramen noodles, wtf???? I keep seeing people mentioning them lately, I think I need to get on this!

    1. Please please please don’t buy the pre-packaged process stuff that’s like 30 cents!!

      You can find fresh ramen noodles at Asian markets. Or just order a bowl at ramen noodle places or at sushi! Trust me, it is a million times better and your first experience should she the best! :)

      1. Ok!! Sounds good :) I pretty much avoid most packaged goods so I likely wouldn’t have done that. I can’t wait to try it!

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